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29 thoughts on “Shop Jay

  1. Jay,
    Your designs are so awesome. I was very delighted to be able to attend the premere of your documentary at the Philadelphia film festival. I was also very excited to see the collection in person at the museum afterwards. Ever since I saw you on prject runway (not too long ago because I bought the season and watched it all the way through), I have thought you are one of the best designers I have seen. When you won I was really excited. I think your collection was far above the other two. Your new collection is equally impressive. I visited your online store in an atempt to buy something that I thought (from watching the movie) that you had mass produced. I still intend to buy something, but I look forward to the expansion of your site. Btw, if you need any help getting customers to your site, I know someone who can help.
    In conclusion, I LOVE YOUR WORK. If I had the money I would finance you so you could continue to do what you do so well. Congrats on your success so far and best wishes for the future.

  2. I was a late taker on the project runway bandwagon as we don’t subscribe to television. I jumped on when my husband was fighting lymphoma in 2006 since we were at the hospital a lot and there was really nothing more to do than read or watch tv + you tube. I fell in love with you + project runway instantly because I love clothes! I am so happy to finally see your online store and that you are offering shirts in size XL. When you start offering dresses and jackets and other wonderful things that I will want to snatch up, I hope you will also not forget us big girls. I am so excited to see your next collection!! Much love Jay!


  3. I have been anicipating the finally revealing of your site! I’m so excited and happy for you! I’ve been a devoted Project Runway fan but by far, you have still been my favorite designer! I hope you come out with more work soon.Ever since you won my sister and I have been on a hunt to find a skirt you made for your final project runway show. It was the second look that came out. It had your signature circles on it and was a greenish color. I have been dying to have that skirt. Or the blue skirt with the blue shawl that came out after. To die for! You make some of the most beautiful clothes and I hope to see more! If you ever do special orders please please put a link on the site or something. I really would love to have some of those designs I fell in love with years ago.

    Best wishes!!

  4. Just wanted to say I LOOOOOOOVE your designs. I really like the Spare Me bag as well as the Rooster shirt. Looking forward to purchasing some of your designs! WICKED SICK JOB MAN! Totally my fav on Project Runway, congrats on everything and good luck!

  5. you are an artist,though you don’t use paper-you do have raw talent,though you must hear that more than you care too-your day will come,ican’t wait tosee your clothing everyWEAR-believe in yourself-iam awant to be designer no experience only a handful of sketches that lack any proportion or depth as per real artwork would exibit-hope to see your work soon!

  6. Ohmigod Jay!!! I LOVE your work!! I know you get this alot, but I was a fan from the very first ep of Project Runway! You and Austin were the cutest, but I fell in love with you the most after a bit. As an aspiring fashion designer myself, I take such inspiration from your work and want to thank you so much for it all! The colors and the punkish sort’ve look that you go for, it’s just amazing! You and I would be the bestest of friends, I just know that we would XD Good Luck on everything that you’re doing in the future and know that I’ll always be standing behind you cheering you on the loudest!!

  7. i admit myself to the jay-mccaroll-superfandom-asylum henceforth.

    you are the best. i’ve been watching every installment of project runway since its inception and i can’t think of a more talented, charistmatic, visionary than yourself.

    keep up the amazing work.




  9. hi jay ,
    my name is stefanie and i am 13 years old . i would like to thank you sooooo much for helping with the fight against cancer . unfortunately , my mom passed away from breast cancer one year and ten days ago . i know the doctors tried so hard , but really it wasn’t up to them . it is up to people like you who sponsor and put up a fight for it . thank you so much for your help and dedication through doing what you do best . designing fashion of course !!! i have faith that one day there will be a cure . stay strong ,stay awsome ! love ya lots,

  10. Jay – Wish you the best on your continuing odyssey; I’m a fan of all you do. I fell in love with the beautiful knits in your PR finale; I’m hoping to see and have the chance to buy some of those crazy beautiful knits in the future.

  11. Congrats! I can’t even imagine how much work it has been to get this far, to get this site up, your collections done, etc…. I have soooo enjoyed all your work and am excited to be able to see more. Your colors and graphics are inspirational. Thanks for working so hard. Reading your blog has been really helpful tonight. (I’m starting an online business and, ugh, it’s a ton of work). If you can do it, if you can stay strong against all the crap, I can too. (Thanks for helping the fight against cancer, my father died of cancer. I commend you for using your fame to help other people. Way to go!) Stay strong and rock em silly.

  12. Sorry, gotta post one more quick note. Just realized that the new Freespirit fabric is designed by you. LOOOOVE IT!! I was just checking it out for some of my new baby products. (Is your fabric licensed? Can I manufacture with it?)
    It’s fun, it’s whimsical, it’s retro. Everything that I love. And it’s printed on a good quality fabric!
    You have been amazingly busy! Great Job!!

  13. Jay i´m from mexico and i love your clothes and everything, i feel so limited because i don´t speak english very well, i´m so glad to found this place just to say that i saw the videos in youtube so many times(proyect runway) but more than other videos love to see the final (first season) the concept that you used, the colors… i feel so identify totally with it…congratulations, i hope that you understand mi comment…saludos desde Mexico

  14. Hi Jay, I’m Megan. I think you are proabably the most hilarious person I’ve ever seen on tv and the best person on project runway. I don’t really get attached to people on tv and I realize you haven’t been on tv for like how many years? 4? I’m behind, whatever. I would love to meet you because you seem like such a fun person. Doing whatever you want. You should email me back. Just because. Bye. Good luck – MEgan

    • hello there. we are still redesigning the site and editing the items for the shop. not much longer now. stay tuned!

  15. I bought one of your skirts yesterday at Crafty Balboa; this morning I wore it to grab some coffee and received a ton of compliments. This *never* happens to me, so I know I have to chalk it up to the skirt (and the designer behind it)! Thanks for making such wonderful clothes — I can’t wait to pick up more of your things at future Philadelphia events!

    • thats great to hear! i love those skirts. so cute, if i must say so myself! i will be at artstar craft bazaar next weekend in penn’s landing. booth #111. stop by and say hi!

      • When will your online store be ready ? cant wait to shop shop shop there.
        love your work ,

  16. Jay it’s summer now! I want to buy some skirts from you ( I just had a baby and want to look sexy again, damnit!) and your site is still down! Hurry up. Erie, Pa needs Jay Mccarroll Fashion! Or you could do a craft show or something here. =p

  17. Jay-

    I just finished re-watching Project Runway Season 1, and I just wanted you to know that yours and Kara Saun’s collections are what made me realize that my talents and passion should be (and could be) used for fashion. Growing up, I was very creative and arts and crafts oriented, but I wasn’t exposed to fashion. My mom didn’t buy magazines, we didn’t watch award shows, and we didn’t have money to shop anywhere that provided anything very stimulating. Project Runway was really the first time I was exposed to fashion, and, like I said, you really showed me that fashion wasn’t just about dressing. It’s a statement, and designers are artists too.

    So basically, thanks a million. (And I owe you one!)

  18. Hi Jay-
    I just saw you as part of the modern philly quilting guild—it was so fun and refreshing. I am one of those gals that needs a pattern to do things, but can’t find the Quilt Magazine that shows me how to make your honeycomb pillow. Any suggestions? Thanks:)

  19. OMG. You. Are. AWESOME! I looove your stuff! So funky! I really look up to you! Maybe I’ll be a designer one day! Do you happen to designs for kids/teens? Probably not, right? Anyways, rock on!

  20. Jay eres genial ! ♥ me encanta tu ingenio y creatividad, tus diseños son realmente lo que queremos los jovenes 😀 saludos desde México !!!

  21. Hey Jay,
    I just picked up the Berlin tote, the bowling bag, a skirt a vest and t-shirt for my husband, 5 t-shirts for me, and the pink color-blocked scarf. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I wanted to thank you for keeping your prices modest so I can enjoy a bunch of pieces. We love them all.

    Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep buying!
    Andrea Jarrette

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