oh copenhagen.

hello there folks.

if you are like me, you love a good tote bag. i have so many of them that serve all sorts of purposes for all sorts of situations. i use them to cart around fabric samples to my factory, ones for overnight stays away from home, some for groceries and a few giant ones for the beach. oh my friend the beach…how i’ve missed you this summer! i just didn’t get to the beach as much as i would have liked to this year. it probably has something to do with the fact that i have been trying to get these dang tote bags produced and into your hands!

i am thrilled to be introducing a new bag silhouette in 5 unique colorways in my online shop just in time for back to school. this is the perfect bag for all of your…well…whatever it is that you cart around on a daily basis. this new tote bag is called the copenhagen and it is inspired by the super cool city in denmark called…you guessed it….copenhagen. duh!

check them out HERE


i’d like to give a shout out to my niece molly for modeling these for me! she’s always such a trooper and shes’s becoming quite the face of jay mccarroll these days. these photos were taken at the abandoned pool at moon lake park in northeastern pennsylvania. i had so many good times there as a child! if they were still open, it would be the perfect place to pack your copenhagen tote for a day of sunshine and splashing at the pool!

well folks, thats about all for me. i’ve been a super busy beaver and i have plenty of fun merchandise and events on the horizon so be sure to stay tuned to my website and online shop!

check them out HERE

xox. j


protect those pupils.

hello there folks.

did you know that if you stare directly into the sun, your eyes will catch on fire? well, maybe not catch on fire, but it is certainly not good news if you do stare too long. you must protect those pupils and you must do so fashionably. luckily for you, i have just added some super fun new sunglass styles in my online shop.

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happy shopping!

xox. j

looking good and feeling gorgeous.

hello there folks.

the title of this post is inspired by a song by none other than the queen bee herself, rupaul. i will tell you, when you are having a less then stellar self-confidence day, just put this on blast and i guarantee you will feel better! i love me some ru…so campy!

check the remix video out HERE

in the theme of looking good…i wanted to let you know that my web designer jen has been working like a dog to update the website and the online shop. i am loving the fresher, more graphic look and it’s so easy to navigate now. i think it looks good and feels gorgeous. thanks again for all of your hard work jen!

check the new website out HERE

also, in honor of the pretty new site, we decided to have a summer sale. from tonight (july 22nd) through friday night (july 26th), everything in the online shop will be 20% off. that’s 20% off folks!!! there are so many cute things in the shop right now, if i must say so myself.

check the online shop out HERE


well, i hope you are all enjoying this questionably nice summer weather. a million degrees, rain, a million degrees, rain, a million degrees. we should all try to enjoy it because, before you know it, it will be winter and frigid and i will be bitchin’ about that. the good news is, is that you can start rocking some new geneva and helsinki scarves then. they are going into production soon! also, new for this fall season, hats! yay! stay tuned!

xox. j

yo jersey.

hello there folks.

my apologies for being so MIA lately. i’ve been up to my eyeballs in getting everything ready for my fall production. lots of cute things coming your way over the next few months so stay tuned!

as for now, we are in the thick of summertime and it is so stinking hot and luckily for you i have super fun summer tanks, tank dresses, shift dresses and sunglasses just waiting to keep you looking and feeling cool! the best part is you can come check them out in person this coming weekend. so…if you are in the philadelphia/new jersey area this weekend…

check the deets out HERE

WHO: me and over a hundred other artists, designers, crafters, and makers.
WHAT: 21st annual haddonfield crafts and fine arts festival.
WHERE: kings highway and tanner street. haddonfield new jersey
WHEN: this coming saturday july 13th from 11am to 7pm and sunday july 14th from 12 noon to 5pm.
WHY: because its a nice thing to be able to support your local creative entrepreneurs. oh…and because christmas is only 166 days away.;)


i hope to see you there! in the meantime, grab an ice cold beverage of choice and stay cool!

xox. j

weekend renegadin’

hello there folks.

this one goes out to all of my NYC and brooklyn peeps…and i guess those in the surrounding area who want to drive into or be driven by cab, train, ferry, rickshaw or yacht into brooklyn.

i will be selling my goodies at the renegade craft fair this weekend. here are the deets…

WHO: me and over 300 hand picked artists, crafters, designers and makers from around the country.

WHAT: renegade craft fair.

WHERE: east river state park . north 8th street and kent avenue . brooklyn. booth #182.

WHEN: this coming saturday and sunday june 22nd and 23rd from 11am to 7pm.

WHY: it’s one of the greatest events of it’s kind in the country and there really are so many amazingly talented people selling super awesome things…and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and its by a river with a great view of manhattan! oh…and you can come say hello to yours truly and get a new tank top or something summery!

there will also be lots of food and entertainment as well as lots of inspiration and fabulous people watching!

for more info about renegade click HERE

renegade3 2013

well, i have to get back to making new tablecloths for my display tables for the show. such a glamorous life i lead. not.

i hope to see you there!

xox. j

lets hear it for the boy.

hello there folks.

yes, this is a reference to the super catchy but super cheesy song from deniece williams from 1984 “let’s hear it for the boy”.

to remind yourself of this gem, click HERE

well, this one is for the boys! after about a million years and a million comments from my neglected mens customers, i have reintroduced some mens items in my online shop. i have new tanks, tees and ties.

check them out HERE




i would like to give a special shout out to my models eliot and kris from local favorite food truck “farmtruck” for lending their cuteness and their truck to this photo shoot!

check their site out HERE

happy shopping boys…and girls too!

xox. j

screw yard work…go shopping instead.

hello there folks.

just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that i get to lay around and catch up on my terrible television obsessions and eat pints of gelato…but boy, doesn’t that sound heavenly! nope, i gotta work! well, at least my work is super fun and i get to sell my goodies to a bunch of nice folks!

i have 2 events this weekend that you should come and check out if you are in the philadelphia area and don’t have yard work to do. don’t feel guilty if you do though, your marigolds won’t even notice!

the first is this friday for first friday. here are the deets….

WHO: little ol’ me.
WHAT: meet and greet and shopping with yours truly.
WHERE: “never too spoiled” boutique
108 north 2nd street
WHEN: this coming friday june 7th from 6pm to 8pm.
WHY: i think there will be wine.:) oh yes, and lots of great shopping!

for more info on “never too spoiled” click HERE

the lovely ladies of “never too spoiled”.

never too spoiled

the second event i am doing is this coming sunday. here are the deets…

WHO: little ol’ me…again.
WHAT: clover market.
WHERE: parking lot
12 east lancaster avenue
ardmore, pennsylvania.
WHEN: this coming sunday june 9th from 10am to 5pm.
WHY: there will be lots of vendors selling amazing handmade goodies for your shopping pleasure. i’m not sure if there will be wine though. 🙂

for more info on “clover market” click HERE

clover market

well, thats about all folks! i hope to see you at one or both of these events!

happy summer times!

xox. j

gonna dress you up in my love.

all over. all over…

hello there folks.

yes, thats totally a madonna reference! oh madonna, how i miss the 80’s and 90’s versions of you!!!

speaking of 90’s…its over 90 degrees in philadelphia right now and if i were a girl, i would be totally rocking one of these new items i have just put up in my online shop today.

check out my online shop HERE

…and more specifically…

check out the new ZANZIBAR tank tops HERE

check out the new HAARLEM tee shirts HERE

check out the new STOCKHOLM shift dresses HERE

check out the new BRASILIA long tank dresses HERE


i would also like to thank my model annabel and stylist kate benz for a super fun shoot! they were awesome to work with and totally embodied the spirit of the jay mccarroll gal! you guys rocked!

ps: all of the sunglasses that annabel is wearing are available in the online shop as well!

check them out HERE

happy shopping and stay cool!

xox. j

let’s memorialize shall we?

hello there folks.

it’s memorial day weekend and around this time every year i try to block out the memories of my childhood participation in my local memorial day parade in sweet valley pennsylvania…yes…there is an actual sweet valley in pennsylvania although, sadly, no sweet valley high. i have since been to it as an adult and it is very festive and fun with the addition of secret flasks of adult beverages and the option to wear short sleeves, sunglasses and shorts, but i will tell you that it wasn’t nearly as fun as an overweight teen hauling a giant bass drum in a black wool uniform for what seemed like 450 miles. i think it was only 2 miles or so but it was always just about as hot as hades that day.

as if it wasn’t torture enough to be considered a band nerd, occasionally someone would find it to be a fun idea to throw things at the band as they paraded by. we all tried our very best to make it through with the notion of a family cookout or county fair potato pancakes at the end of the parade route to ease the pain. i think i have marched enough parades for one lifetime and if i never have to march in another parade again, i think i will be ok with that. i’m not saying that i would be opposed to riding in the back of a fancy car or a float someday though. that’s a whole different ballgame!

anywho, in honor of memorial day weekend and the beginning of the approaching summer season, i am giving my loyal customers a little deal-e-o! i am offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more from now until tuesday at noon EST. simply enter the promo code FREESHIP50 to receive the benefits.

check the site out HERE

i am also running a sale on women’s cardigans. they are discounted from $50 to $35! if you haven’t already seen them, they are super cute and colorful and perfect for those chillier summer nights.

check them out HERE


well folks, thats about it for now. oh…one last thing, stay tuned as i have women’s zanzibar tanks, stockholm shift dresses and new, for this summer, brasilia long tank dresses coming your way very shortly…and right behind that, men’s tanks and tees! yes boys…finally!!!!

here’s a sneak peek….




have a fabulous and relaxing memorial day weekend!

xox. j

what time is it? it’s artstar time.

hello there folks.

looking for something fun to treat your mama to this weekend? well, i have the perfect event for you to check out. its the 10th anniversary artstar craft bazaar and it’s this coming mother’s day weekend! i will be selling my goodies and so will a hundred or so of the finest artists and crafters from across the country. come on out and say hi, do a little shopping and support your local creative entrepreneurs.

WHO: me and over 100 artists, crafters and food vendors.
WHAT: 10th anniversary artstar craft bazaar.
WHERE: the great plaza at penn’s landing on columbus boulevard between market and walnut streets in philadelphia pennsylvania. i will be located in booth #119.
WHEN: this coming saturday and sunday may 11th and 12th from 11am to 6pm.
WHY: because….what else do you have planned? seriously? 🙂

for more info click HERE


i hope to see you there!

xox. j