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winter blues…and yellows and pinks and florals and stripes.

hello there folks.

i hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of yummy food and festive times spent with great company! i sure did! also…happy new year! i must admit that i’m kind of excited that 2013 is over. i am looking forward to a fresh start in 2014! now, if we could just get some relief from this bitter cold we are experiencing here in the northeast, that would be swell.

as we long to watch flower buds pop out of the ground and the trees fill with fresh green leaves once again, we have to do whatever we can to avoid the winter blues. the perfect remedy for the depressing reality of staring out of your window at bare trees and grey slushy snow?…i suggest you add some color to your life. well, lucky for you, i’ve got a lot of that to share!

i’m having a winter clearance sale and the deals are gooooood, if i must say so myself!

if santa neglected to bring you something special this holiday season, perhaps now would be the perfect time to treat yourself to some super cute goodies from yours truly!

check the winter clearance sale out HERE


happy shopping and all the very best to you and yours in 2014!

xox. j


i’m a winter art star.

hello there folks.

a little birdie whispered to me this morning that christmas is only 18 days away. say what?! well, if you need to get into the winter/christmas shopping mood, i’ve got the perfect event for you to check out. (this weekend through december 31st)!

it’s winterfest at penn’s landing and it offers tons of wintertime fun for the whole family. there are artists/crafters/designers selling goodies, (including me this sunday)!, yummy comfort foods and drinks, architectural seating landscapes with fire pits and most excitingly…an ice skating rink!

come on out and visit me on sunday (tomorrow) and check out all of the new scarves, hats, socks, bags and other gift giving goodies i have for sale.

WHO: lil’ ol’ me and a bunch of other artists/crafters/designers and ice skaters.
WHAT: art star holiday market at winterfest at penn’s landing.
WHERE: blue cross river rink at penn’s landing.
WHEN: weekends through december 31st. i will be there this sunday december 8th from 11am to 6pm
WHY: christmas is 18 days away!

for more info on winterfest click HERE


i hope to see you there! happy shopping!

xox. j

thank you. thank you. thank you.

hello there folks.

i am going to brave the rainy/snowy weather today when i travel upstate for the thanksgiving holiday. i am so looking forward to hanging out in the country and eating copious amounts of sweet potatoes, stuffing and pecan pie. i simply can’t wait! before i leave the big city and head for the hills, i wanted to let y’all know that i will be having a sale in my online shop.

everything in the online shop will be 15% off. i will also be offering free shipping on orders of $75 or more. simply enter the promo code FREESHIP75 at the checkout. the sale will run today through monday evening.

visit my online shop HERE


i wish all of you a truly fabulous thanksgiving holiday with friends and family!

happy shopping!

xox. j


hello there folks.

i’m freezing, and judging on the amount of snow related posts in my Facebook feed this morning, you probably are too! well…i’ve got you covered with a brand new product i just added in my online shop. it’s a hybrid of the “geneva” lined infinity scarf and the “helsinki” long striped scarf. it is a 7 paneled multi-colored, multi-fabricated lined infinity jersey knit scarf and it is super versatile and super cozy! i call it the “bergen” scarf and it is named after the adorable city of bergen in norway. there are 15 color ways to choose from, so there’s got to be something for those folks on your christmas list, or probably more accurately, something for you!

check them out HERE


i would also like to thank my gorgeous model vivian who was a true pleasure to work with! she was the ultimate trooper because it was so darn cold that day! luckily, she was modeling scarves and not bikinis! ouch!

happy shopping!

xox. j

head and shoulders above the rest.

hello there folks.

1. it’s getting colder outside.

2. you need to stay warm.

3. you also need to look cute.

4. i have hats and scarves to keep you warm and keep you looking cute.

check them out HERE


ps: thank you to my niece sarah and her friend taylor for modeling these hats and scarves. we had fun! i would also like to thank butterfinger for giving us sustenance as we took photos behind a grocery store somewhere in the lehigh valley!

happy shopping friends!

xox. j

it’s the make room for new scarves scarf sale sale!

hello there folks.

just a quick note to let you know that i’m having a scarf sale in my online shop right now through next saturday october 12th!

i know some of my northeast friends are thinking “um….jay…but it’s like 80 degrees out today”! well, you and i both know that it is going to be 20 degrees, snowing and fahh-reeezzing in the blink of an eye so now is the perfect time to stock up!

this sale is also functioning to make room for 2 new styles of scarves in a bunch of different super fun pattern combos coming your way over the next few weeks. i will also be introducing, for the first time, a line of jersey knit caps that, if i must say so myself, are just so darn cute! i know you are going to love those!

check the scarf sale out HERE


…and be sure to stay tuned to my online shop over the next few weeks for awesome new products coming your way!

xox. j

i’m a crafty bastard.

hello there folks.

special attention all of my washington dc area friends….

this is a quick little note to let you know that i will be selling my goodies this weekend in your neck of the woods at one of the most amazing art and craft markets in the country!

here are the deets…

WHO: me and over 100 of the best artists, crafters, designers and makers from around the country. there will also be food trucks, a beer garden and plenty of family friendly activities.
WHAT: crafty bastards arts and crafts fair.
WHERE: a giant outdoor tent at union market. i will be located at booth #30.
WHEN: this coming saturday september 28th and sunday september 29th from 10am to 5pm.
WHY: autumn is here and you need a new scarf and socks from me! also, because you like to support small creative entrepreneurs.

for even more info about crafty bastards click HERE

crafty bastards

i hope to see you there!

xox. j

play ball.

hello there folks.

thank god for my facebook friends or else i would have no idea when baseball season is. i think it’s happening now. right? well, if it is, or even if it isn’t, i have the cutest baseball shirts to share with you in my online shop…like…right now! they are called the “nishinomiya baseball shirt” and they are inspired by the city of the same name in japan where the japanese high school baseball national championships are played. fun!

check out the nishinomiya baseball shirts HERE


big thanks to my model kel taylor! always a good time driving all over north philadelphia trying to find good walls to photograph you in front of!!!

ps: these baseball shirts feature a unisex cut, so boys…be sure to check them out as well!


also, for my mainline/philadelphia/tri-state area friends, it’s that time of year again…fall art and craft show season! this weekend marks the first of many shows i have coming up over the next few months. here are the deets for this weekend…

WHO: me and over 100 artists, crafters, makers, designers and foodies.
WHAT: the clover market.
WHERE: 12 east lancaster avenue. ardmore, pa. booth #27.
WHEN: this coming sunday september 15th from 10am to 5pm.
WHY: i don’t know much, but i know that you like to support your local artsy fartsies. 😉

more info on clover market HERE

clover market

well, that about wraps it up for me…for now! i have some really fun things coming up and out in the very near future so stay tuned…

happy shopping and have an awesome weekend!

xox. j

are you sirius?

hello there folks.

you may be thinking that i don’t know how to spell. in this day and age of spellcheck, is that even possible? i rarely ever let myself get too serious with things but this week i will be having some seriously good times on sirius xm radio!

mark your calendars folks…i will be hosting my own 1 hour show from 10 am to 11am EST on this coming thursday september 5th on the stars channel, channel 106. the show will be a part of “fashion…unzipped” which is sirius xm’s new york fashion week radio coverage. my co-anchor will be judith regan and we will be discussing my fashion week experiences, what i’m up to these days and, of course, project runway. i will also be bringing in a special guest and chatting with them about their fashion week experiences.

i will say that i am most excited to be able to take calls from listeners. i feel like this is a bucket list thing for me. “hello there linda from rochester new york, whats your question?”! if you are listening and have a good question for me, i encourage you to give me a little ring a ding ding at 888-94-STARS (888- 947-8277).


i look forward to hearing from you and if you are driving or are terrified of hearing the sound of your own voice, and can’t call in, you can always just sit and listen. i think its going to be a lot of fun! seriously!

xox. j

come sale away. come sale away. come sale away with me.

hello there folks.

yes, this is a reference to one of the best, most cheesy songs that was ever written by one of the most awesome rockin’ bands that ever was. that would be “come sail away” by “styx. do you need a reminder of all of the awesomeness? if so….

click HERE

anywho, now that we got all of that awesomeness out of the way…i am not sure if you were paying attention or not, but i do believe that crispy yummy “fall feeling” was flying through the air for the past few days. that feeling prompted me to think that maybe i should have a summer clearance sale to make room for new fall merchandise coming your way.

for those of you in the warmer climates, this is perfect for you because you don’t get cold weather like we do here in philadelphia and you can get away with super cute summery styles all year round. for those of you in the colder climates, this is a good time to stock up on goodies for next season or for layering pieces this fall. whatever your climactic situation, there are lots of great deals so be sure to check out this super duper summer clearance sale.

the sale starts today monday august 26th and continues through monday september 2nd. that’s labor day in case you forgot!

check it all out HERE


happy shopping!

xox. j