are you sirius?

hello there folks.

you may be thinking that i don’t know how to spell. in this day and age of spellcheck, is that even possible? i rarely ever let myself get too serious with things but this week i will be having some seriously good times on sirius xm radio!

mark your calendars folks…i will be hosting my own 1 hour show from 10 am to 11am EST on this coming thursday september 5th on the stars channel, channel 106. the show will be a part of “fashion…unzipped” which is sirius xm’s new york fashion week radio coverage. my co-anchor will be judith regan and we will be discussing my fashion week experiences, what i’m up to these days and, of course, project runway. i will also be bringing in a special guest and chatting with them about their fashion week experiences.

i will say that i am most excited to be able to take calls from listeners. i feel like this is a bucket list thing for me. “hello there linda from rochester new york, whats your question?”! if you are listening and have a good question for me, i encourage you to give me a little ring a ding ding at 888-94-STARS (888- 947-8277).


i look forward to hearing from you and if you are driving or are terrified of hearing the sound of your own voice, and can’t call in, you can always just sit and listen. i think its going to be a lot of fun! seriously!

xox. j


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