oh copenhagen.

hello there folks.

if you are like me, you love a good tote bag. i have so many of them that serve all sorts of purposes for all sorts of situations. i use them to cart around fabric samples to my factory, ones for overnight stays away from home, some for groceries and a few giant ones for the beach. oh my friend the beach…how i’ve missed you this summer! i just didn’t get to the beach as much as i would have liked to this year. it probably has something to do with the fact that i have been trying to get these dang tote bags produced and into your hands!

i am thrilled to be introducing a new bag silhouette in 5 unique colorways in my online shop just in time for back to school. this is the perfect bag for all of your…well…whatever it is that you cart around on a daily basis. this new tote bag is called the copenhagen and it is inspired by the super cool city in denmark called…you guessed it….copenhagen. duh!

check them out HERE


i’d like to give a shout out to my niece molly for modeling these for me! she’s always such a trooper and shes’s becoming quite the face of jay mccarroll these days. these photos were taken at the abandoned pool at moon lake park in northeastern pennsylvania. i had so many good times there as a child! if they were still open, it would be the perfect place to pack your copenhagen tote for a day of sunshine and splashing at the pool!

well folks, thats about all for me. i’ve been a super busy beaver and i have plenty of fun merchandise and events on the horizon so be sure to stay tuned to my website and online shop!

check them out HERE

xox. j


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