looking good and feeling gorgeous.

hello there folks.

the title of this post is inspired by a song by none other than the queen bee herself, rupaul. i will tell you, when you are having a less then stellar self-confidence day, just put this on blast and i guarantee you will feel better! i love me some ru…so campy!

check the remix video out HERE

in the theme of looking good…i wanted to let you know that my web designer jen has been working like a dog to update the website and the online shop. i am loving the fresher, more graphic look and it’s so easy to navigate now. i think it looks good and feels gorgeous. thanks again for all of your hard work jen!

check the new website out HERE

also, in honor of the pretty new site, we decided to have a summer sale. from tonight (july 22nd) through friday night (july 26th), everything in the online shop will be 20% off. that’s 20% off folks!!! there are so many cute things in the shop right now, if i must say so myself.

check the online shop out HERE


well, i hope you are all enjoying this questionably nice summer weather. a million degrees, rain, a million degrees, rain, a million degrees. we should all try to enjoy it because, before you know it, it will be winter and frigid and i will be bitchin’ about that. the good news is, is that you can start rocking some new geneva and helsinki scarves then. they are going into production soon! also, new for this fall season, hats! yay! stay tuned!

xox. j


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