weekend renegadin’

hello there folks.

this one goes out to all of my NYC and brooklyn peeps…and i guess those in the surrounding area who want to drive into or be driven by cab, train, ferry, rickshaw or yacht into brooklyn.

i will be selling my goodies at the renegade craft fair this weekend. here are the deets…

WHO: me and over 300 hand picked artists, crafters, designers and makers from around the country.

WHAT: renegade craft fair.

WHERE: east river state park . north 8th street and kent avenue . brooklyn. booth #182.

WHEN: this coming saturday and sunday june 22nd and 23rd from 11am to 7pm.

WHY: it’s one of the greatest events of it’s kind in the country and there really are so many amazingly talented people selling super awesome things…and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and its by a river with a great view of manhattan! oh…and you can come say hello to yours truly and get a new tank top or something summery!

there will also be lots of food and entertainment as well as lots of inspiration and fabulous people watching!

for more info about renegade click HERE

renegade3 2013

well, i have to get back to making new tablecloths for my display tables for the show. such a glamorous life i lead. not.

i hope to see you there!

xox. j


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