gonna dress you up in my love.

all over. all over…

hello there folks.

yes, thats totally a madonna reference! oh madonna, how i miss the 80’s and 90’s versions of you!!!

speaking of 90’s…its over 90 degrees in philadelphia right now and if i were a girl, i would be totally rocking one of these new items i have just put up in my online shop today.

check out my online shop HERE

…and more specifically…

check out the new ZANZIBAR tank tops HERE

check out the new HAARLEM tee shirts HERE

check out the new STOCKHOLM shift dresses HERE

check out the new BRASILIA long tank dresses HERE


i would also like to thank my model annabel and stylist kate benz for a super fun shoot! they were awesome to work with and totally embodied the spirit of the jay mccarroll gal! you guys rocked!

ps: all of the sunglasses that annabel is wearing are available in the online shop as well!

check them out HERE

happy shopping and stay cool!

xox. j

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