let’s memorialize shall we?

hello there folks.

it’s memorial day weekend and around this time every year i try to block out the memories of my childhood participation in my local memorial day parade in sweet valley pennsylvania…yes…there is an actual sweet valley in pennsylvania although, sadly, no sweet valley high. i have since been to it as an adult and it is very festive and fun with the addition of secret flasks of adult beverages and the option to wear short sleeves, sunglasses and shorts, but i will tell you that it wasn’t nearly as fun as an overweight teen hauling a giant bass drum in a black wool uniform for what seemed like 450 miles. i think it was only 2 miles or so but it was always just about as hot as hades that day.

as if it wasn’t torture enough to be considered a band nerd, occasionally someone would find it to be a fun idea to throw things at the band as they paraded by. we all tried our very best to make it through with the notion of a family cookout or county fair potato pancakes at the end of the parade route to ease the pain. i think i have marched enough parades for one lifetime and if i never have to march in another parade again, i think i will be ok with that. i’m not saying that i would be opposed to riding in the back of a fancy car or a float someday though. that’s a whole different ballgame!

anywho, in honor of memorial day weekend and the beginning of the approaching summer season, i am giving my loyal customers a little deal-e-o! i am offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more from now until tuesday at noon EST. simply enter the promo code FREESHIP50 to receive the benefits.

check the site out HERE

i am also running a sale on women’s cardigans. they are discounted from $50 to $35! if you haven’t already seen them, they are super cute and colorful and perfect for those chillier summer nights.

check them out HERE


well folks, thats about it for now. oh…one last thing, stay tuned as i have women’s zanzibar tanks, stockholm shift dresses and new, for this summer, brasilia long tank dresses coming your way very shortly…and right behind that, men’s tanks and tees! yes boys…finally!!!!

here’s a sneak peek….




have a fabulous and relaxing memorial day weekend!

xox. j


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