april showers.

hello there folks.

there is no denying it…spring is here! i am in such heaven with all of these pink flowering trees and colorful tulips sprouting up everywhere. my favorite springtime treat is, by far, my precious backyard lilac tree with its gorgeous purple flowers and the most intoxicating scent. i love to visit it every day and watch its progress from the first little buds to full fledged bunches of fragrant blossoms. the only bad thing about spring is that it seems to be gone as soon as it comes. the trees turn green seemingly overnight and then boom….4 months of 90 degree heat. yuck! well, until that happens, i am going to enjoy these warm and sunny days and cool nights for as long as i can.

when spring is here and summer is not far behind, that means that my outdoor craft show season is about to kick into high gear. the first of those shows is this coming saturday and its always a fun one so…if you are in the philadelphia area come on out and say hi and support your local artisans. here are the deets…

WHO: little old me.
WHAT: crafty balboa april showers craft show.
WHERE: east passyunk at tasker street around the passyunk fountain.
WHEN: this saturday april 27th from 11am to 5pm.
WHY: you need to say goodbye to winter and brighten up your home and wardrobe with some springy goodness made by local artists, crafters and small business owners!

for more info click HERE

crafty balboa

i hope to see you there!

happy spring!

xox. j


i’m a thinkin’ spring.

hello there folks.

i do believe that winter is finally winding down. finally! the first buds on my lilac tree are peeking their little heads out of their leafy sleeping bags and i cant wait to walk outside and smell them every day for the short period of time that they are in full bloom. at last i will be able to see vibrant pinks and purples and greens instead of…well…concrete!

it’s time to put away those winter neutrals and start rocking some color in your world. i am introducing new colorful apparel shortly so don’t fret, but in the meantime, i have some exciting new products for your purchasing pleasure. these items include new change purses, wristlets and tech accessories.

some of the wristlets feature brand spankin’ new prints from my PASSPORT collection.

check them out HERE

wristlet - chatuchak

wristlet - waterloplein

the other wristlet features fabric from my HABITAT collection and is handmade in rural northeastern pennsylvania by my sister janet. it features a big ol’ silver ring which fits nicely onto your wrist and could also double as a self defense apparatus in questionable situations. (disclaimer: jay mccarroll and his affiliates are not responsible for any claims made on this here blog ;))

check it out HERE

raise the roof purple 1

i also have new iphone cases for both the 4 and 5 models. they feature prints from my brand spankin’ new ELECTRIC GARDEN collection. these are super cute…if i must say so myself!

check them out HERE

iphone - dandy flowers

last but not least, i have ipad sleeves featuring prints from my new CENTER CITY collections.

check them out HERE

ipad sleeve downtown miami

ipad sleeve midtown portland

well, i hope you enjoy these new items in my online shop and all of the beauty of nature coming your way shortly. here’s to buds, blossoms, blooms and some warm and sunny days ahead!

happy spring!

xox. j