let’s go camping.

hello there folks.

whew…am i ever busy today! this past weekend of nice weather has ushered the realization of “holy cow, spring is coming and i need to make sure everyone has fun things to wear”! so while i work on those things, i also wanted to let you know of a fun event i am participating in this coming saturday march 16th.

it’s called the brooklyn craft camp and it’s a 1 day DIY crafting extravaganza filled with classes, yummy foods and lectures and an extra special keynote chit chat with yours truly! so, if you are free this saturday in brooklyn, come on out and say hi and make some cool projects and mingle with your fellow craftletes! it’s going to be a super awesome event!

for more information click HERE


also, i just wanted to remind you that there is only one week left to get 21% off of your purchases at http://www.jaymccarroll.com. so get your tush in gear and get yourself some goodies.

check my online shop out HERE

happy spring, happy crafting and happy shopping!

xox. j


2 thoughts on “let’s go camping.

  1. Besides the colorful socks my favorite is the Leipzig skirt. All are colorful and cheery something that I prize.

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