hello there folks.

i do believe i am starting to feel human again after my 8 day, 15 state, 3500 mile journey around america this past week. i started off in philadelphia making stops in nashville tennessee, austin texas, new orleans louisiana and asheville north carolina and everywhere in between those points. i got to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones along the way. i also got to see some parts of america that i never would have if i had flown, like a 19 mile bridge through the swamps of louisiana…scary! of course i got to eat some awesome southern food too. hush puppies, amazing barbeque sauces, beignets, po boys, gumbo…all deliciousness! yee haw!

the reason for my trip was to teach some classes at the inaugural quiltcon in austin texas. quiltcon is a convention for the modern quilting world. there were so many awesome quilts on display and so many great lectures and workshops by the leaders in that industry. i had a fabulous time and met so many wonderful folks. the event was so well organized and everyone had such a positive, bright and colorful attitude, which i love! it was a really great experience. also, the quilt created by victoria findlay wolfe that took home the prize for best in show featured my fabric line CENTER CITY. it was spectacular and couldn’t have been more deserved. great gal that victoria!

for more info click HERE

now back to reality. ugh!

what i was most excited for on my journey was the warm weather. when you spend endless days in cold, you forget how awesome it is to sit in the warm sun…outside. i saw green trees and flowers that were actually alive and i wore a short sleeve shirt and sandals. it was amazing! i am now totally itching for spring to get here in philadelphia.

so…in anticipation of spring’s arrival in 21 days, we are having a 21 DAYS UNTIL SPRING COUNTDOWN SALE! we will be offering 21% off everything in my online store from now until march 20th. so, if you have been itching for some new spring socks, scarves, tanks, tees or dresses…now’s your chance to come and get ’em!

check out my online shop HERE


happy shopping and soon to be happy spring y’all!

xox. j


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