i’m one lucky clover.

hello there folks.

tonight marks the season premiere of season 11 of project runway. 11 seasons?! where the heck has time gone? now, don’t get it twisted it hasn’t been 11 years, only 8, so please don’t make me feel any older than i already do. can you believe that i am almost 25 already? haha!

i have learned a lot in those 8 years. i have been presented with so many wonderful opportunities and have also had to endure some truly challenging situations. i have learned tons about myself as a person and as a designer and the fashion business and, for the first time, i feel like i’m on the path i was meant to be on.

it still surprises and excites me every day that i can sketch something, get it produced and get it to a customer. that is always what i had envisioned myself being able to do. i truly love designing and being able to supply products to all of you nice people out there. the joy you get wearing something of mine brings me joy. my god, how soft i have become in my old age. 8 years older, not 11!

after my grueling 2 day 2013 strategy meeting last week, boy oh boy, do i have a lot of great products planned for your enjoyment this coming year! i hope y’all are ready to start rocking the scrunchie again! 🙂

so now that you are thinking “i need some of jay’s threads”, i wanted to let you know that i will be selling my goodies at a fabulous market this coming weekend. here are the deets.

WHO: me and 54 other vendors, food trucks and diy workshops
WHAT: the clover market
WHERE: the historic 23rd street armory
22 south 23rd street
philadelphia pennsylvania
WHEN: this coming sunday january 27th
10am to 5pm
WHY: because you enjoy supporting your local artisans and this cold weather can make anyone want to spend some dough on something new, warm and brightly colored!

more info on clover market HERE


i hope to see you there!

xox. j


4 thoughts on “i’m one lucky clover.

  1. jay, i will never forget your runway show; there is still no one that has come along to compare. when i lose more weight and get rich, i will have you make every single one of those looks for me and i will be insanely happy. till then, want you to know that i ordered one of your scarfs and some socks for my big sister this past xmas, and out of everything she got, this was her favorite gift. the quality, texture, colors — all yum! everyone in our family is crazy about your talent. good luck always, fellow pennsylvanian!

    • Thank you so very much for the nice message! I’m thrilled that you were thrilled with the goodies you purchased from my site. Be sure to stay tuned as I have plenty of fun stuff coming out this year! Go Pennsylvania!!!! X. J

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