cleaning house.

hello there folks.

i hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season filled with the 4 f’s…fun, food, friends and family! i also hope you had a great new years where you were able to celebrate the positive and to reflect on the not so enjoyable aspects of the year. speaking for myself, i was pretty excited to wash my hands clean of 2012. i certainly had my share of roller coaster moments last year and i always am sure to reserve those memories for my yearly new years ritual of writing down all of the negative aspects of the year on small pieces of paper then setting on fire and watching all of the bad juju get carried off into the atmosphere. the act is so cathartic and this year i shared it with my boyfriend matt, some friends and, of course, some booze! if you don’t have any new years rituals, i suggest you try this one. it’s really satisfying!

in honor of kicking the old out of the window and opening the door to the new, i am currently having a sale in my online shop. everything is reduced from 20% to 65% off! EVERYTHING! now that’s some heavy duty cleaning! the sale is running from…well…right now through the evening of monday january 14th. hurry up…time’s a tickin’!

check it out HERE


in other fun product news, be sure to check out my selection of items that are now available for purchase on we have mouse pads, phone cases and mugs all featuring designs from my CENTER CITY line of fabrics.

check them out HERE

i planted lots o’ seeds in 2012 that i am very much looking forward to watching sprout and grow in 2013. i have a whole slew of super fun products planned for release this year so be sure to bookmark to stay connected to my various social media outlets…

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oh happy day!

xox. j


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