sunny came home.

hello there folks.

yes, this is a shawn colvin reference. such a great song and “a few small repairs” is such a fabulous album and especially appropriate when on a roadtrip through the midwest. i know all of you are planning a roadtrip through kansas as i type this. well, probably not, but if you are, this is a good album to crank up and feel that good ol’ american cornfield air.

i don’t know about you, but this winter weather can make me sometimes feel like just wrapping myself up in a pretty quilt and setting my alarm for like…april. i yearn for sunny weather and beach time and slathering my body in coconut oil. please don’t even try to imagine that visual. well, if you are like me, then you have to have rituals to get you through the frigid winter weather and, for me, that is to pretend it’s summer and wear a fun pair of sunglasses. yes, even if there is no sunshine.

if you are nodding your head yes in agreement, then you are in luck cuz mama’s got some new sunglasses in her online shop! in this case i am playing the part of mama. please don’t try to imagine this visual either.

if you have been loyally following my trip through sunglass land you will know that my last batch of sunglasses were named after new jersey beach towns. well, those were so fruitful, thanks to you, that i ran out of new jersey beach towns to name them after so this round is named after california beach towns. oh california, how i miss thee! until i can get my ass to the west coast, i guess i will just have to throw on a pair of ventura’s or laguna’s and pretend i’m there. eating fish taco’s at a seafood shack off of the pacific coast highway. where’s that quilt and alarm clock i mentioned earlier? i’m setting it for…california.

check them out HERE


happy sunglass shopping!

xox. j


i’m one lucky clover.

hello there folks.

tonight marks the season premiere of season 11 of project runway. 11 seasons?! where the heck has time gone? now, don’t get it twisted it hasn’t been 11 years, only 8, so please don’t make me feel any older than i already do. can you believe that i am almost 25 already? haha!

i have learned a lot in those 8 years. i have been presented with so many wonderful opportunities and have also had to endure some truly challenging situations. i have learned tons about myself as a person and as a designer and the fashion business and, for the first time, i feel like i’m on the path i was meant to be on.

it still surprises and excites me every day that i can sketch something, get it produced and get it to a customer. that is always what i had envisioned myself being able to do. i truly love designing and being able to supply products to all of you nice people out there. the joy you get wearing something of mine brings me joy. my god, how soft i have become in my old age. 8 years older, not 11!

after my grueling 2 day 2013 strategy meeting last week, boy oh boy, do i have a lot of great products planned for your enjoyment this coming year! i hope y’all are ready to start rocking the scrunchie again! 🙂

so now that you are thinking “i need some of jay’s threads”, i wanted to let you know that i will be selling my goodies at a fabulous market this coming weekend. here are the deets.

WHO: me and 54 other vendors, food trucks and diy workshops
WHAT: the clover market
WHERE: the historic 23rd street armory
22 south 23rd street
philadelphia pennsylvania
WHEN: this coming sunday january 27th
10am to 5pm
WHY: because you enjoy supporting your local artisans and this cold weather can make anyone want to spend some dough on something new, warm and brightly colored!

more info on clover market HERE


i hope to see you there!

xox. j

baby…i just need you to give me some space. ok?

hello there folks.

it’s cold outside and mother nature is sprinkling some of you with snow right now, but i assure you, spring is on its way! we are making room for new spring merchandise in the jay mccarroll warehouse so i am offering some select styles at deep discount in our “bargain basement”. i will be sad to see some of these items go, but i am so psyched about the new styles we have in the pipeline. celebrate, or at least wishfully think, the early arrival of spring with a new bag, skirt or tee!

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happy shopping!

xox. j

cleaning house.

hello there folks.

i hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season filled with the 4 f’s…fun, food, friends and family! i also hope you had a great new years where you were able to celebrate the positive and to reflect on the not so enjoyable aspects of the year. speaking for myself, i was pretty excited to wash my hands clean of 2012. i certainly had my share of roller coaster moments last year and i always am sure to reserve those memories for my yearly new years ritual of writing down all of the negative aspects of the year on small pieces of paper then setting on fire and watching all of the bad juju get carried off into the atmosphere. the act is so cathartic and this year i shared it with my boyfriend matt, some friends and, of course, some booze! if you don’t have any new years rituals, i suggest you try this one. it’s really satisfying!

in honor of kicking the old out of the window and opening the door to the new, i am currently having a sale in my online shop. everything is reduced from 20% to 65% off! EVERYTHING! now that’s some heavy duty cleaning! the sale is running from…well…right now through the evening of monday january 14th. hurry up…time’s a tickin’!

check it out HERE


in other fun product news, be sure to check out my selection of items that are now available for purchase on we have mouse pads, phone cases and mugs all featuring designs from my CENTER CITY line of fabrics.

check them out HERE

i planted lots o’ seeds in 2012 that i am very much looking forward to watching sprout and grow in 2013. i have a whole slew of super fun products planned for release this year so be sure to bookmark to stay connected to my various social media outlets…

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oh happy day!

xox. j