dresden via cambridge.

hello there folks.

in the final stretch leading up to the holidays, i just wanted to let you know that i have added some new items in my online shop.

i have a new skirt that is a kind of hybrid of two of my past skirts all rolled into one. i’m just trying to experiment to get you the perfect fit skirt my dears. it is called the “dresden” skirt and it is named after the lush german city of dresden. the silhouette is a fuller skirt with more swing and an elastic waistband with a zipper closure. it features fabric designed by yours truly from my “habitat” line of fabrics and of course has side pockets. my girls love their pockets!

check the dresden skirt out HERE


the second item i am carrying is a new silhouette and i think it is so super cool! i am calling it the “cambridge cardigan” and it is named after the university town of cambridge in england. it is a slim fit cardigan that comes in 3 color combos with opposing colored trim and buttons and a little special surprise fabrication at the back yoke. it is a very “preppy” looking cardigan but done in, shall i be totally weird and say, a jay way?!

check the cambridge cardigan out HERE


thanks again to my model kel taylor. she is always up for a photo shoot and such a trooper when it comes to challenging conditions. i believe it was like 5 degrees when we took these photos. the cardigans were manageable, the skirts were another story. we had to keep warming up in the car. ah…good times!

i hope you like the new items and be sure to get your orders in quickly so we have plenty of time to have santa deliver them to you on christmas morning!

happy shopping!

xox. j

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