absolutely fab.

hello there folks.

i am so excited to let you know that starting tomorrow monday december 3rd at 11am est my line of socks will be available for purchase on fab.com and they will remain there for 72 hours ending on thursday december 6th. yes…only 72 hours! so, if you’ve been eyeing up my socks and haven’t purchased them yet, now is the time! ps: a little birdie told me that they will be offering them at a super fab price. so…what are you waiting for? well…besides for it to be tomorrow so you can go on fab.com.

for those who are already familiar with fab.com, you know that it is a well curated e-commerce site featuring the most unique and super fun gifts for home and body. for those of you who aren’t familiar with fab.com, i suggest it’s about time you familiarize yourself with them. you won’t be disappointed. it really is that great!

check fab.com out HERE

fab.com logo

for those of you who aren’t familiar with my socks..well…well…your feet called me up last night and told me to tell you that they are sick of being shoved into those ratty tan wool socks that your mother-in-law gave you 11 years ago that your pinkie toe hangs out of and occasionally turns blue from neglect. they want to be able to slide into a pair of colorful geometric patterned ones that stretch and breathe and will get them noticed and bring them compliments and make them feel sexy and loved. they also wanted me to tell you that they have been purposely sweating and stinking more than normal so you would pay attention to them. so, i guess it really is perfect timing that my socks will be on fab.com tomorrow so you and your feet can be friends finally.

check out my fab.com video HERE


now…go buy some socks!

xox. j


2 thoughts on “absolutely fab.

  1. Pimpin’ socks always brighten up my day, and I must say….you got some serious style Jay!
    Keep up the great work and never quit.

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