happy holidays.

hello there folks.

wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!


now, go eat some cookies!

xox. j


ugly sweaters and pretty scarves.

hello there folks.

can you believe that christmas is only a week away? craziness! well…that’s if the world doesn’t end on friday. now, in the rare case that the world IS ending on friday, i’m glad i made plans on thursday night! i will be a guest judge at the 2nd annual leukemia and lymphoma society’s “cancer is ugly” ugly christmas sweater party hosted by yard’s brewing company. i judged it last year and it was super fun and the sweaters were top notch “ugly”. (disclaimer: i actually really like the sweaters that are perceived as ugly. i would much rather see a sweater that lights up with a teddy bear dressed up as a christmas tree over a charcoal grey cashmere v-neck any day!). so, if you are free on thursday night AND you like beer AND you want to donate some coin to a great cause AND see lots of ugly sweaters all in one place, then this is the place to be!

WHO: me…and a bunch of tipsy ugly sweater wearing folk.

WHAT: the 2nd annual leukemia and lymphoma society’s “cancer is ugly” ugly christmas sweater party.

WHERE: yard’s brewing company: 901 north delaware avenue. philadelphia, pa 19123.

WHEN: thursday evening december 20th 2012 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

WHY: read above.

for more info and to buy tickets the event click HERE

ugly sweater

now…if the world doesn’t end on friday, you still have time to buy up some of my merchandise before christmas gets here. this is the last time i will be selling my socks, scarves, bags and other goodies, in person, in 2012! come on out during your lunch hour and say hi!

WHO: me.

WHAT: the last chance to get your paws on my stuff, in person, in 2012!

WHERE: the lobby of one logan square located at the corner of 18th and cherry streets next to the four seasons hotel.

WHEN: this coming friday december 21st from 11:30am to 2pm.

WHY: you like me…you really like me.

i hope to see you at one or both of these events!

happy shopping!

xox. j

dresden via cambridge.

hello there folks.

in the final stretch leading up to the holidays, i just wanted to let you know that i have added some new items in my online shop.

i have a new skirt that is a kind of hybrid of two of my past skirts all rolled into one. i’m just trying to experiment to get you the perfect fit skirt my dears. it is called the “dresden” skirt and it is named after the lush german city of dresden. the silhouette is a fuller skirt with more swing and an elastic waistband with a zipper closure. it features fabric designed by yours truly from my “habitat” line of fabrics and of course has side pockets. my girls love their pockets!

check the dresden skirt out HERE


the second item i am carrying is a new silhouette and i think it is so super cool! i am calling it the “cambridge cardigan” and it is named after the university town of cambridge in england. it is a slim fit cardigan that comes in 3 color combos with opposing colored trim and buttons and a little special surprise fabrication at the back yoke. it is a very “preppy” looking cardigan but done in, shall i be totally weird and say, a jay way?!

check the cambridge cardigan out HERE


thanks again to my model kel taylor. she is always up for a photo shoot and such a trooper when it comes to challenging conditions. i believe it was like 5 degrees when we took these photos. the cardigans were manageable, the skirts were another story. we had to keep warming up in the car. ah…good times!

i hope you like the new items and be sure to get your orders in quickly so we have plenty of time to have santa deliver them to you on christmas morning!

happy shopping!

xox. j

holiday special.

hello there folks.

i have been so busy playing santa’s little helper selling all you lovely folks out there my goodies for the past months that i just really realized this past weekend that christmas is right around the corner and i need to get my butt in gear! i just finished making and addressing my holiday cards today. that’s a start right? at least i didn’t wait until 2 days before christmas to do it. i have been known to do that in years past.

i am so looking forward to the holidays this year as it has been a super busy few months in jay mccarroll land. i will be relaxing and hanging out with friends and family and trying out holiday recipes care of my girlfriend martha stewart. her recipes really are the best! have you tried her christmas punch? it’s divine! her treats are always presented so casually and beautifully with the best colors, linens, tableware and tchotchkes. i do love me some martha! even though at one point in my career her people declined me from appearing on her show because they said i wasn’t “a-list” enough. can you imagine? i did immediately cancel my subscription to her magazine but enough time has passed that i am referring to her again. you really can’t deny the aesthetic force that is martha!

martha’s christmas punch recipe HERE

in other news, a little birdie told me to tell you that you should watch a television show on the travel channel tomorrow night. it’s called toy hunters and its a really fun show about a toy collector named jordan hembrough who travels all around the country to find unique and interesting toys. tomorrow’s episode is the holiday special so its the perfect thing to get you in the mood while wrapping presents and making cookies. this little birdie said that it is super important that you watch it (wink wink).


WHO: it’s a surprise.
WHAT: toy hunters holiday special.
WHERE: the travel channel.
WHEN: tomorrow night wednesday december 12th. 9pm eastern. 8pm central. 7pm mountain. 9pm pacific.
WHY: you will see 😉

learn more about toy hunters HERE

well…it’s back to researching holiday cocktail, cookie and hors d’oeuvres recipes. i’m just browsing, not actually taste testing although i wish i were!

happy holidaying!

xox. j

absolutely fab.

hello there folks.

i am so excited to let you know that starting tomorrow monday december 3rd at 11am est my line of socks will be available for purchase on fab.com and they will remain there for 72 hours ending on thursday december 6th. yes…only 72 hours! so, if you’ve been eyeing up my socks and haven’t purchased them yet, now is the time! ps: a little birdie told me that they will be offering them at a super fab price. so…what are you waiting for? well…besides for it to be tomorrow so you can go on fab.com.

for those who are already familiar with fab.com, you know that it is a well curated e-commerce site featuring the most unique and super fun gifts for home and body. for those of you who aren’t familiar with fab.com, i suggest it’s about time you familiarize yourself with them. you won’t be disappointed. it really is that great!

check fab.com out HERE

fab.com logo

for those of you who aren’t familiar with my socks..well…well…your feet called me up last night and told me to tell you that they are sick of being shoved into those ratty tan wool socks that your mother-in-law gave you 11 years ago that your pinkie toe hangs out of and occasionally turns blue from neglect. they want to be able to slide into a pair of colorful geometric patterned ones that stretch and breathe and will get them noticed and bring them compliments and make them feel sexy and loved. they also wanted me to tell you that they have been purposely sweating and stinking more than normal so you would pay attention to them. so, i guess it really is perfect timing that my socks will be on fab.com tomorrow so you and your feet can be friends finally.

check out my fab.com video HERE


now…go buy some socks!

xox. j