gobble gobble.

hello there folks.

i hope you are all as excited about thanksgiving as i am! there really is nothing better on earth than my mother’s stuffing, my sister sandra’s pecan pie, my sister jill’s cranberry salad, my sister janet’s sweet potatoes or my sister in law judy’s corn souffle. also, my sister marcia is in from denver colorado and although she isn’t making any dishes tomorrow, she brought the worlds best toffee in with her. it is so damn yummy! apparently thanksgiving is strictly only about the food and jeez…could i have any more sisters? i can’t freaking wait until tomorrow!!!

even though most of us look forward to thanksgiving for the feasting that happens with friends and family, it is a holiday where we give thanks and in honor of that, i am giving thanks to my loyal customers by offering a 20% off sale off of everything in my online shop. yes…everything! the sale begins tonight at 8pm and continues through monday evening (cyber monday as we e-commerce folks like to refer to it).

not only am i offering a 20% off sale, but i am offering a free black zurich scarf to the first 15 customers who spend over $50. get it?…a black zurich scarf in honor of black friday. clever eh? and…it’s free!

additionally, we have some great new holiday gift giving ideas in the shop. can’t decide what to get that special someone that you think will like my socks and my scarves? well, now you can get both! new to the site this week is a zurich scarf and sock combo deal. we give you the option of creating any combo that your little heart desires. a mustard yellow zurich and a vineyard dusk zig zag sock? sure! a charcoal grey zurich and a summer coast orbital sock? hell…why not?!

check the combos out HERE

still stumped for a great gift or perfect holiday treat? well…then check out the sock of the month club, which people are loving by the way, or a set of holiday cards designed by yours truly.

i think thats it for me. i have to go because my boyfriend and sister are literally yelling at me because we need to hit the road and avoid all of that dreaded holiday traffic. i wish all of you a fabulous thanksgiving day! relax and indulge!

xox. j

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