a one way ticket to geneva please.

hello there folks.

happy voting day! i hope you are all exercising your right as an american citizen and voting today! for those of you who will be waiting in those long lines outside in the cold up here in the northeast, i wish i planned the release of these new geneva scarves in advance. you could have been the most fashionable voters at the polls! i guess i will have to start planning the release some more super fun scarves for 4 years from now!

it couldn’t be better timing to have new geneva scarves in my online shop just in time for this chilly weather. also just in time for the upcoming holiday gift giving season. um…hello…there are only 48 days until christmas. can you believe it? where does the time go? these scarves are such a hit that we just whipped up a big ol’ batch of ’em in 13 new color combos to be sure we are well stocked for the coming weeks.

check them out HERE

ps: i would like to thank my model for this shoot, the newly blonde kel taylor. i love the new cut and color. soooo rad!
pss: isn’t that the best background wall ever? thank you random northern liberties wall! i want you to live in my house!

well, i hope you have a great voting day and remember that your vote does count! unless its for the wrong guy…whoever that may be :)!

happy shopping and stay safe and warm!

xox. j

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