sock of the month club.

hello there folks.

i must start off by saying that my sincerest thoughts go out to all of those who were affected by hurricane sandy this past weekend. it was indeed a stressful few days here in the northeast and although i was fortunate enough to not have any major damage or power lost, i know many were not so lucky. i hope we can recover from this quickly and thoughtfully. there’s one thing i do know and it’s that the sun will indeed shine again on these amazing places that were devastated.

on to other news…

i have been totally overjoyed with the tremendously positive feedback i am getting from those of you who have ordered from my new line of socks. you like them…you really like them! it seems people are really loving ordering multiple pairs and why not? they are all so darn fun! so…i got to thinking about how you can share the love with these socks and i think i came up with a pretty clever idea.

the sock of the month club!

it’s like receiving a bouquet of flowers every month but without the “flowers that get that slimy stinky glop in the vase because you forgot about them and now they are rotting and you have to throw away not only the flowers but the vase as well and then have to repeat those actions every month” part. instead, you receive a pair of super fun socks designed by yours truly every month for a whole year!

now you can go to my online shop and hand select 12 different pairs of socks to send to your friends and family or heck…even yourself. well, thats what i would do :)! it really is such a unique holiday gift idea, if i must say so myself!

for more info on the “sock of the month club” click HERE

happy shopping! i hope to see you in the sock of the month club and in case you were wondering i myself am, of course, a member! 🙂

xox. j


3 thoughts on “sock of the month club.

    • i have been getting lots of requests for knee-highs and i’m definitely into it. it will be a while yet though as i have about a million regular height pairs to sell off first, so wrangle up your friends and get buying! haha! i mean can you even imagine the zig zag pattern in a knee high? wowza!

  1. I need extra large socks for my son in law….would love to get him in the club …size 13-16. Do you have a big socks, sock of the month club?

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