the socks have landed!!!!

hello there folks.

a wise man once said…’patience is a virtue” and you, my friends, have been so very patient with me. after much teasing on my part, i am super excited to let you know that the socks have landed in my online shop! the weather is getting cooler and the holiday gift giving season is right around the corner so there’s really only one thing you need to do right now. ready? set? go… shopping!!!

check them out HERE


xox. j


8 thoughts on “the socks have landed!!!!

  1. Also, you need to have these made as knee-highs! I’d wear these in a New York minute to work (and I’m 64 and work in a “nose up in the air” law firm!)

  2. No socks for women? I’m also 64 and a grandma to 8 children. Would love to own some of these. Wear socks all the time. Looking at your t-shirts for women. Planning on buying some.

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