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hello there folks.

this one is for my fellow sewers out there. i would like to make you aware of a new section on my fabric website ( that will feature projects that you create using my fabric called CENTER CITY PROJECTS! i feel like i am always scouring various sources to find the best projects that people create with my fabrics and i always feel like i might be missing something really special. so, i thought that being able to share them all in one place would be really awesome. i wouldn’t have to troll around the internets google searching myself and you would get to share your amazing projects with the world. its like a virtual gallery for all things jay mccarroll CENTER CITY fabric related. sounds fun right?

feel free to share your projects in all of their various states from quilt blocks to full size quilts, from accessories to apparel, from beginning ideas to fully finished and anything in between.

check out my fabric website HERE

to start sharing your projects click HERE

i look forward to seeing what y’all are creating with CENTER CITY!

happy sewing!

xox. j


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