sock it to ya.

hello there folks.

happy labor day! i probably should be having a bbq at the beach right now but there is work to be done! besides, it’s raining out here in philadelphia and for all of you creative types out there, rainy days are the best days to get work done. right? wherever you are, i hope you are relaxing and enjoying the last little moments of summertime fun!

i really tried to prolong sharing this news for as long as i possibly could, but i just couldn’t wait not one second longer! last friday i picked up the first production samples of a line of socks that i designed. yes…SOCKS! i’m just so darn excited about them. i really feel that these are truly something everyone can enjoy. they are the perfect item to add a little pep into your step (pun intended)!

i will be selling them on my website as well as other retail and online channels. i will keep y’all updated with any information on where you can buy them closer to when they will be available. if everything goes according to schedule, that should be within the next few weeks!

also check back as i will be posting pics of the other patterns and colorways that haven’t been delivered yet. um, can we say zig zags? i’m totally psyched about those!

for those of you who follow the goings on with my fabric line with an eye of a hawk, i have a pair of socks that resembles the “miami” print from my CENTER CITY line. now you can have a pillow or a set of curtains or a quilt to match your socks! sounds like a good idea to me!

speaking of fabric…a little birdie informed me that CENTER CITY will be shipping to stores this week or next. i can’t wait to see what all of you make with it. that truly is the best part of the fabric designing process for me!

well, thats all for me folks! i have to whip up a shirt today for fashion week in 3 days. gotta look good for my lord and taylor fashions night out event on this coming thursday!

xox. j


11 thoughts on “sock it to ya.

  1. My first obsession is fabric. Anxiously awaiting Center City! Thank you for also designing for my second obsession, SOCKS!!.

  2. Jay I just felt compled to tell you these socks are AWESOME!! The colors used, the patterns, will make these a big hit with EVERYONE. What a terrific idea?! Thanks for sharing this with us and keep being you – it works well for you.

  3. Nice! One of the sock prints matches my new Downtown Center City fabric! Eager for all colorways to be posted online so I can buy buy buy! Used to be only Tie Rack in London had really interesting socks, with some mediocre ones from US vendors… no more! Thanks for taking the leap into the sock world, Jay!!!!

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