hi fashion. how are ya?

hello there folks.

i told you last week that i would have big project runway related news for you this week. well, here it is…i am proud to announce that i have designed a dress as part of the inaugural lord and taylor/project runway capsule collection!

there are 10 dresses in the collection, each designed by one contestant from each season of project runway. i, of course, am representing season 1 and so on and so forth until the season 10 designer’s dress is revealed on thursday’s airing of project runway. i wonder who it will be? it better be someone good, as i will have to spend hours with them next week at the lord and taylor flagship store in new york city during the fashions night out lord and taylor event! haha!

for more information about my dress click HERE
to see mine and the other designers dresses click HERE

if you are in nyc next week, stop by and say hi to the gang and come take a look at our dresses. if you can’t make it to the event, then you can purchase the dress online on lord and taylor’s website beginning this friday august 31st.

check out the lord and taylor website HERE

happy shopping!

xox. j


22 thoughts on “hi fashion. how are ya?

  1. I love how the look is styled here, and I really like the more understated “blingy” bit at the waist. It’s a more delicate touch than the sparklier (Spell-check tells me that sparklier is not a word. Pshaw!) one on the L&T site.

  2. Ok, I watched the begining of PR last evening ( I taped the rest and will watch it tonight) and saw this dress, but did not see that this dress that caught my eye was yours. It is beautiful! So elegant! Congratuations and I know that it will sell out! If only I was thinner right now (I am working at losing weight right now) I would buy this to wear to my brother’s rehersal dinner in December. RIght now I am way too fat (just keeping it real!) and wouldn’t know what size to buy! I came over here from Victoria Findley Wolfe’s blog because she showed you new Center City fabrics. Those fabrics ROCK! The fabric designs are edgy and I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

    • hello there. thanks for the nice message! the dress goes up to a size 14. if you are not at that size quite yet, perhaps this could be the perfect “goal dress” for you. from experience, when trying to lose weight, i always have a pair of “goal jeans” sitting in my closet that i will try on periodically throughout the weight loss process. it is the perfect way to check in with my progress and motivate me to work harder and maybe not eat so many gosh darn potato chips! thanks for the nice message about CENTER CITY! i really love this line and i think it is really unique and so different from everything else thats out there. please keep me posted on any projects you may make using it. all the very best to you!

  3. I love your dress!! I am out of town and haven’t seen the new episode yet, can’t wait for that, but I am so happy to see you doing something back on the show! I’m looking forward to your new fabric line as well it’s wonderful.

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