oh toronto.

hello there folks.

is it really almost september? when did that happen? i could swear it was just april and i was dreaming of a secret mid-summer beach weekend getaway. oh well, i guess that puts me ahead of the game for next year! oh wait, i did go to the gorgeous state of maine for a week of fun and frolicking. that counts right?

now it’s back to reality and that means i’m back to assuming the role of college professor this week and back to the grind for what is shaping up to be a very busy fall season! a fair amount of that will be in alignment with my new line of fabric CENTER CITY coming out in a few weeks. yay! i also have some clothing and accessories on the horizon as well as some big project runway related news coming next week. no, i will not be taking over for tim gunn anytime soon, although that would certainly be a fun gig!

speaking of project runway..are any of you watching it this season? i am, and i must say i am enjoying it. hell, i usually always enjoy it. it’s always surreal yet entertaining for me to watch something that i have lived with other characters playing the role of…well…me. of course there are some designers on this season that are driving me absolutely nuts in the personality department but i shall refrain from public commentary on that one! hopefully i will get to meet some of the current cast as i will be attending the finale show at new york fashion week in 2 weeks! i am sooooo looking forward to the show and to all of the gossip that will inevitably be flying around at the various parties. oh, fashion week, you gossipy little slag!

enough fancy fashion talk, now back to business! i have new tote bags available in my online shop! these are called the “toronto tote” and they are named after one of my favorite canadian cities, toronto! these bags feature 2 prints from my last fabric line “habitat” and they are then backed in a super sturdy fabrication to provide body to the bag.

now here’s the big news, i have listened to you my dear customer, and i am happy to announce that this bag has a zipper! yes, this bag features a zippered closure so you can now feel super dooper secure in all of your worldly travels…and…it also has a gusseted outside pocket with a velcro closure perfect for your easy access items such as a cell phone or keys or what ever you need to have near and dear to you. exciting!

ps: i would like to thank my models for this shoot, my nieces molly and sarah! i can’t even believe that they are old enough to do this. i know this is cliche, but i remember when they were born! my god, i am feeling old right now. haha!

you can check out the toronto tote HERE

well, that is about all from me…for now. again, i have some big news to share next week so stay tuned!

xox. j


9 thoughts on “oh toronto.

  1. Oh Jay, I thought you were going to tell us that you were coming to the Creative Festival in Toronto this fall! 😦 Lovely bags anyways, and I can still dream you’ll come, right?

  2. Guest judge? Client? I was glad to see your photo on the project runway wall of fame. Maybe the challenge will be they have to use your fabric?

  3. Hello!
    I’m from sweden, when do u going to start sell your fashion here? Love your fashion, and love to wear it! But i can’t buy it 😉

  4. The totes are great and I’ve let a couple of friends know about them. I’m a Runway junkie and this year I’m constantly taken aback. They’ve had some real characters in the past, but this year…already 2 have RUN AWAY! Seriously. If I were a designer and had such a great opportunity, I’d be killing myself to succeed! There are a couple of people there who I think may actually make it to the end. My biggest disappointment, as a “plus size” “normal” woman, is that so many of them have no idea how to design for real women. Ven was a huge disappointment – I went from rooting for him to not caring how he does. Okay, I’ve vented! Can’t wait to see you there…hope you’re a judge!

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