vacation. all i ever wanted. all i ever needed.

hello there folks.

first things first. i’ve got new sunglasses (named after new jersey beach towns) in my online shop! these are some real beauties and will perfectly accessorize the super cute items in your jay mccarroll wardrobe. you don’t have any jay mccarroll accessories in your wardrobe yet? well… here’s a chance to start your collection!

check them out HERE

in other news, i am leaving for my annual trip to maine tonight and i couldn’t be more excited! yes, of course, i am looking forward to taking a little break from work which, let me tell you, i don’t feel like i’ve worked this hard in…well…maybe ever (more on that to come…so stay tuned) but i am looking forward most to the absolute beauty that is the state of maine. it’s amazing how many people i know have never been to maine. even my friend michael who has literally been to every other state in america, has never been to maine. seriously michael, what is wrong with you?

aside from driving through the gorgeous landscape filled with so many pine trees, the sweetest little towns, lighthouses, pretty beaches, seafood shacks and no billboards (um…the best law ever!) i look forward to visiting some of my favorite places. a trip to maine would not be complete without visiting BAR HARBOR, STONEWALL KITCHEN, and hitting up every MARDENS location that my gps will locate! i must also give a big ol’ shout out to WALTERS in portland for the best calamari dish that exists on planet earth! i’m coming up north baby, you better get ready for me!

i will also be teaching a workshop at z fabrics in portland maine next wednesday night august 8th from 5pm to 8pm. space is extremely limited, but if you are interested in taking the workshop, better late than never…well…you better get off your bum and contact them ASAP!

more information on the z fabrics workshop HERE

well, this ship is about to set sail. i hope y’all are enjoying these last moments of summer bliss. i know i will be this week! bon voyage!

xox. j


4 thoughts on “vacation. all i ever wanted. all i ever needed.

  1. I think I saw you driving past me in Bangor, ME this afternoon. I was doing my senior photo shoot on Main Street, and if I’m not mistaken, you drove past and shouted, “Work it, girl!”
    It totally made my senior year. If it was you, thank you so much!

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