hello there folks.

i am super dooper psyched to announce that tomorrow at 12 noon EST i will launch my new fabric website http://www.jaymccarrollfabric.com!

the website will contain all things in the fabric related area of my brand including my past fabric lines and the first public look at my upcoming fabric collection CENTER CITY! i am so excited to be able to finally share CENTER CITY with you! it seems like a million years since my last line HABITAT came out. what a joy it has been seeing all of the beautiful things y’all have created with HABITAT. seeing what people create with my fabric really is the best part of what i do! perhaps i should have an interactive section on the website where you can send in photos of your work using CENTER CITY. what do you think about that? i think that would rock!

be sure to check out http://www.jaymccarrollfabric.com starting tomorrow and check back often as i will be updating the site with news about the line and more information about when and where you will be able to get your hands on it. oh…and a cool video coming soon too!

check it out HERE

xox. j


10 thoughts on “www.jaymccarrollfabric.com

  1. Can hardly wait! Must sew my summer yellow skirt and shift dress to make room for Center City! Center City should go nicely with my new Lima tote from the charity auction. 🙂 Congrats/Mazel Tov on your newest line, Jay!!

  2. ok, i’m already salivating over each & every print & colorway. when & where can i torture my credit card to get them?

    • Hello there. They will be out in mid September. Where I’m not sure yet as they are just now starting to show the line to stores. Stay tuned to the jaymccarrollfabric.com site and we will let you know more details once available! Cheers!

  3. i can’t wait for CENTER CITY! i love it. the bricks… oh the bricks! boston and denver are definitely my very very favorite but i love it all! september cant get here soon enough!

  4. Hi, Jay! I’m from Brazil, and I always loved fashion but just recently started to believe I could make this something to work with for the rest of my life. I started to watch Project Runway and I have to say how much you inspired me! I know you must be sick of people talking to you about that show, but I HAVE to say that you showed an amazing personality and made me believe that even though I’m a nobody that everybody sees as a weird girl, I have to follow my passion and be true to myself. Thanks for inspiring me, man. I was so happy to come to your blog and see that even many years after the shows you have such a success, and congratulations on the new fabric website! I will be coming back to your blog to see how you are doing! I wish you all the best! 🙂

    • Wow! What a nice message! It’s still so weird to me that people all over the world know who I am. So cool though! I say, if you have an inclination to go into fashion…I say DO IT! It’s a tough business but a lot of fun! All the very best to you on your life’s path!

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