i declare my independence from paying full price.

hello there folks.

have you been eyeing up one of my super cute, super summery tank tops or shift dresses but money has been a little tight? well, i have good news for you!

in honor of the 4th of july holiday, http://www.jaymccarroll.com is having a sale!

20% off of everything in the online store. yup, everything!

the sale runs from tonight through sunday night so be sure to check out the goods and take advantage.

check it out HERE

i hope you all have an amazing 4th of july celebration filled with good friends, good food and good fun!

xox. j

ps: check out the optical illusion below. it totally works!

stare at the dot in the center of this off color american flag for thirty seconds. immediately look away to any white surface and you will see the flag in all of its original glory.


One thought on “i declare my independence from paying full price.

  1. Hi Jay
    I was trying to place an order for one of your headbands, but apparently there are “no shipping methods available for my order”. Is it because I’m trying to have it sent to Denmark? I thought I’d read that you do ship internationally.

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