ting tang tank top.

hello there folks.

to celebrate the first day of summer, which happens this week by the way in case you didn’t know, i am excited to tell you that i am now offering tank tops in my online store! it couldn’t be better timing because, i’m not sure where you are located my loyal readers, but today in philadelphia its hotter than heck! and a little birdie told me its going to be 100 degrees tomorrow. yuck!

this is my first line of tank tops and, if i must say so myself, i think they are so darn cute! i hope you do too!

check them out HERE

these tank tops are designed with a unisex fit so now the boys can come out and play too!

check them out HERE

if you like the sunglasses you see pictured on the models, they are brand spankin’ new and now available in the online shop.

check them out HERE

ps: i would like to thank my models kelly and matt for being such great…well…models!

now, try to stay cool in this heat! hopefully with a new jay mccarroll tank top, but if not, at least grab yourself a popsicle. speaking of, for all you philly folks, might i suggest this place? the lil’ pop shop in west philly. it’s new and super yummy! i had the strawberry rhubarb lemonade popsicle yesterday!

check it out HERE

xox. j


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