work that skirt.

hello there folks.

for those of you out there in the blogosphere who pride themselves on obscure B52’S references, the title of this post is indeed a reference to the closing track “WORK THAT SKIRT” on the incomparable B52’S “WHAMMY” album from 1983. one of my all time fav’s! anywho…

here in philadelphia, although its a little dreary outside today, there’s no denying that summer is here! and what does that mean? that means it’s skirt season for all you ladies and perhaps some gentlemen out there too! i wanted to let you know that i have some super cute new skirts in my online shop. they are called the “LEIPZIG SKIRT” and they are named after the city of leipzig in germany. it’s also a reference to the song “LEIPZIG” by one of my favorite musical artists of all time, thomas dolby! jeez…what’s with all of the “all time musical fav’s” today? i must be nostalgic about the music of my youth or something. the skirts feature fabric that i designed from my “HABITAT” line. they are 100% cotton and are fully lined with an elastic waistband and side pockets. yay for pockets! and…they are made right here in philadelphia!

also, a shout out to my model tori for her modeling skills. it was certainly warmer this time around than the last time when we shot the helsinki scarves. i swear it was about 8 degrees that day! she sure is a trooper that tori!

check them out HERE

also, i have a new feature in my online shop called “ROCK THIS LOOK”. this feature shows you a head to toe look and breaks down the products for you for easy ordering. stay tuned to that section for more looks curated by yours truly!

check it out HERE

well, that’s all for me for now. i’m just about ready to head up north for my trunk show at outrageous tomorrow. whats that you ask? well, check out my previous blog entry for all the juicy details.

check it out HERE

xox. j


4 thoughts on “work that skirt.

  1. Jay, I’m watching your winning season on Project Runway and checking out your website. Great to read your blog!!!

  2. I just saw this in your blog! It was definitely a lot nicer out that day we shot in the summer and got some ice-cream which always makes for a great summer day! Always a great time working with you!

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