hello folks.

i’m dreaming of a future with this beauty in it. this will take me where ever i want to go….well, maybe not iceland or tokyo.

and you know what? if i want to park it in a walmart parking lot in backwoods tennessee overnight or even a week for that matter, dammit i will!

xox. j

9 thoughts on “dreams.

  1. This is on my bucket list as well. You should just do it! I have a child, husband, farm, but I could live vicariously through you. It’ll be fun, Do it!

  2. There was an Airstream that was renovated on a show called This Small Space on HGTV Canada. It was beautifully done. I wanted to live in that Airstream. Plus, it felt like a modern version of Jeannie’s bottle. This guy, Matthew Hoffman, renovated a 25-ft Airstream. It looks spacious considering it’s about 150 sf. Bless you, Jay, if you do a massive Rt. 66 road trip!

  3. You must read Skinny Legs And All by Tom Robbins. The airstream is its own character. I love the dream but I know I couldn’t go there with the small spaces. Blog well; blog often. Follow your rainbow!

  4. I don’t know how to start…but I’m so fucking glad that I found your blog!!! Me & my grandma has followed you since Project Runway, and you’re an amazing person with an amazing design – that’s for sure! / Emma from Sweden

  5. Love the airstream! I have pitched this as a semi-retirement plan to my husband… once the kids are out of school, why not if he can get wi-fi and I have a sewing table it all works out.

    BTW, saw you at WGI… hope you enjoyed Maiden America, the Rosie show from Marcus! I posted on my blog today about being stalker fan girl 🙂

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