how i love thee.

xox. j

One thought on “spring.

  1. Hi from a fellow PA’er. I’m in Amishland, Lancaster Co. Spring is springing here too. What’s the first picture of? I think I might have some of it too, but I always forget its name. The daffydills and lilies are making their appearance and the birds are getting all twitter-pated (as Bambi would say) and fighting up a storm with all that passion they’ve been storing over the winter. Recently saw the first chipmunk of the season! CA-ute!

    It was really inspiring to see you win all over again. I want to wear those clothes so bad!! But I’m too short, fat, poor, and untalented in making clothes. but I am so inspired to make some kick-ass couture for my mixed media doll. And as for me, I’ll stick to jeans and tee-shirts until I get braver….like you. 🙂

    Thanks Jay for being your out there whacky self. You are a inspiration! Have a fantastic spring!


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