snail? no, i said SALE! oh…ok.

hello there folks.

guess what? i’m going to be on television! don’t get too excited. it’s not a new show or anything like that, though not for lack of trying. come to think of it,  perhaps y’all can be a peach and write to the networks and tell them that you miss me and would like to see me on your television again. couldn’t hurt…right?

anywho, the first season of project runway will be airing on the style network this coming friday march 9th from 6am to 12noon. so be sure to check it out if it’s been a while since you’ve seen some old friends…and by old friends i mean myself. weird to think that we filmed that show nearly 30 years ago. ha!

in honor of my, syndicated without royalties, return to television, i want to offer y’all a sale. sort of a “remember me and now help me do some spring cleaning” sale. it starts friday morning march 9th and goes until sunday night march 11th. the sale details you ask? well, its 20% off of everything in the online store. EVERYTHING!

be sure to check out all of the fun times HERE.

i hope you are all enjoying this wacky springtime weather!

xox. j


3 thoughts on “snail? no, i said SALE! oh…ok.

  1. COngrats on the reairing of the show. I am addicted to watching that season in particular. Your participation on the show was what made me staop a channel surf and stay right there…..absolutely struck to watch you. And I’m a quilter who happily bought some of your fabric line.

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