hello there folks.

my website is now snazzier than ever! many thanks to my web designer jennifer for her countless hours of work redesigning the site and my partner in crime, matt for making the welcome video! also, a big thank you to vern for his special appearance. we had to fly him in from france for this video shoot. thanks for cutting your 2 week cruise vacation short for us!  check it out…


xox. j


time, time, time. see what’s become of me.

thank you simon and garfunkel. i don’t feel so alone now.

merry christmas!

happy new year!

happy valentine’s day!

hello there folks. long time no nuthin’!

i’ve been a very bad blogger! i can say, however, that i have been spending my time wisely, planting plenty of creative little seeds all over the place. within the year, you will be able to watch them blossom. that’s if you don’t hate me from all of the lonely days of not being able to satiate your soul on my online wordsmithing.

in other social media news, i’ve joined twitter. yes, i said i would never succumb to something so silly,  but  i have raised the white flag and joined the ranks of such twitter luminaries as justin beiber and kim kardashian. i think its kind of interesting and by interesting i mean totally and utterly engrossing to the point where i have a twitter bird circling around inside of my dreams at night. so, follow me on twitter. isn’t that what they say? i think that’s what they say. i’m so new to it all. you can find me and follow me…


speaking of twitter, i was looking at someone’s tweets (god, i feel stupid just even saying that) and they linked to a youtube video about what really goes into chicken nuggets. totally gross and nothing really shocking as i like to think that i am pretty caught up on all of the info about factory farming and genetically modified foods and all of that jazz. as a disclaimer and totally unrelated to what i am about to discuss, i don’t eat chicken.

anywho, that video lead to a video about coca-cola, then to a video about the dangers of aspartame and then to several videos  about what our government isn’t telling us, then, in order of appearance, alien bovine abduction, ufo sightings, climate change, tornado footage, the end of the world in december, some other planet that’s going to crash into the earth and ending with the new world order conspiracies surrounding the denver international airport. i started to freak out and almost had to take a pill. ahhh youtube, for as many wedding bloopers, people farting and/or vomiting, and stupid human tricks i have watched, today you seriously took me on a “jay open your mind to all of the shit out there that may or may not be true but we are going to make a video for you to waste time watching anyway” trip. and i had freaking work to do. like this here blog!

back to reality.

i have been really enjoying the first part of 2012. (seriously, anything could have been better than the crapola that was 2011). it’s been really productive and i am working on some really cool new projects which you will hear about at some point on here, or my facebook, or my twitter, or my website, or most likely all of the above as i have drill sergeants for business management. 🙂

i have some new scarves in the online store. they are called “helsinki scarves” and they are inspired the capital city of finland. i think they are so cute and colorful, if i must say so myself, and perfect for winter and into the approaching spring months. i would like to thank my model victoria, or tori, or as i like to call her, “vicki” as in vicki from the popular television show “small wonder” that ran from september 7, 1985 to may 20, 1989 and chronicled the family of a robotics engineer who, after he secretly creates a robot modeled after a real human girl, tries to pass it off as their daughter. i digress. check the scarves out….


i think that’s about all for now. i will try my best to stay on top of blogging, that is if the twitter bird doesn’t totally trade in my soul for a spaceship filled with scientifically sculpted chicken nuggets.

xox. j

sale! sale! sale!


hello there folks!

so february has just begun and i think its time for a sale! that’s right, EVERYTHING is 20% off in my online shop starting today. the sale will end Sunday night, February 5th. take advantage of this great deal while you can. umm hello. . . valentine’s day is in ten days people! get your valentine something special HERE!