busted and ugly.

don’t get the wrong idea here. i’m not depressed or down on myself, although the holidays can unearth some pretty bizarre behavior in folks. i do, however, have 2 super fun things that i’m participating in that i want y’all to know about.

number 1.

this coming SATURDAY DECEMBER 10TH from 11am to 8pm i will be making an appearance and selling my goods at the BUST MAGAZINE HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR in NYC. if you are in new york city this weekend and are looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones, or lets get real here…yourself, you should stop by and check it out! of course you should also find me and say hi to me and maybe buy a scarf or a bag or some new stationary from me so i can creep 25 cents closer to my dream beach house.

number 2:

next SATURDAY DECEMBER 17TH from 7pm to 10pm i will be the guest judge at the 1st annual “CANCER IS UGLY! UGLY SWEATER PARTY 2011”. come on out and have some drinks and do your part to help benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society! for more information look at this pretty graphic below.

i hope to see you at either one or both of these fun holiday events! in the meantime, i will be making more stuff for the online shop, handmade holiday cards and yummy soups. more to follow!

xox. j

2 thoughts on “busted and ugly.

  1. Stupid question but… My daughter and I were out shopping at the Wilkes-Barre Salvation Army today…(We were looking for ugly sweaters for our Awkward Annual Family Christmas picture) I told her that was you! Jay McCarroll from Project Runway… She googled you and told me that it wasn’t you and that I better not embarrass her by asking you! Soooo? was it you? If so, Dammnit… I should have gotten your autograph!!! :))

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