palink to palive.

hello there folks. as promised in yesterdays blog, i said i would provide you with the link to the PA LIVE segment i did. well, it is….


see, it’s not that hard to look like champagne on a beer budget, or like godiva chocolate on an m & m budget, or like caviar on a fish stick budget. this is getting weird but the more i think about it…i could really go for a fish stick…

…with yummy tartar sauce!

happy holidays!

xox. j


winters what?

hello there folks. a few things…

1. i have a new awesome tote in my online store. it’s called the winterswijk tote. what’s with the name you ask? well, it’s named after the town in the netherlands that artist piet mondrian spent his youth. i thought the geometric pattern reminded me of a modern take on his work. i know you are wondering why i’m working in so many squares and rectangles these days. the answer is simple. i’m over circles! just kidding. i still love me some circles and i have another bag coming out after the new year that has a circular pattern, so don’t fret!

check the winterswijk tote out HERE.

2. attention philly friends…tonight i will be making an appearance at “the island of misfit toys holiday hurrah”. whew…that’s a long title! come see me and stock up on those last minute holiday treats!

3. for all of my northeastern pennsylvania friends…i will be appearing in a fun segment on WBRE’s PA LIVE lifestyle program tomorrow at 4pm. set your tivo’s or dvr’s! if you aren’t in the NEPA area, not to worry, i will post a link to the segment tomorrow after it airs. be sure to check back on this here blog for the link.

i do believe that’s all for now.

i hope y’all are not stressing out too hard about all of your last minute holiday duties. if so, grab a glass full of spiked egg nog or your favorite adult beverage and relax and worry about it all tomorrow!

happy holidays!

xox. j

am i a misfit?

well…i will be this week when i make an appearance at the island of misfit toys holiday hurrah! i will be selling my goods this coming wednesday december 21st from 5pm to 9:30 pm at the olivet church studios located at 22nd and mt. vernon streets in philadelphia. you can check out more info on the event HERE. come on out and get that last minute holiday shopping done!

hope to see y’all there!

happy holidays!

xox. j

pony express yourself.

hello folks. i recently found a time capsule dating back to the 1950’s underneath my back porch and amongst other things, there was the most peculiar item included. it was a rectangular folded piece of paper with a triangular back with what appeared to be a sticky glue-like substance on the very edge of it. on the front were a few lines of text that seemed to be written with the human hand with some kind of dye or ink. inside this paper rectangle was another rectangle on a heavier paper with an image of a christmas scene and the words “happy holidays” printed on it. inside the folded paper rectangle was what again seemed to be words written in that same dye or ink. i would again assume this was all done with the human hand.

i did some research on the interwebs and it turns out that people used to send each other these “greeting cards” or “stationary” for special occasions. can you even imagine how thoughtful of a gesture this must have been? oh…those silly humans!

long before the e-card and the group text message conveying well wishes of the holiday season, we had christmas cards. good old fashioned, hand addressed christmas cards. in the spirit of the holidays, i have whipped up some super cute christmas cards for your purchasing pleasure. they are all hand drawn by yours truly and printed on card stock. there are 2 sets of eight cards. one set is called “holiday cheer” and the other is called “holiday punch”.



snatch them up while you can because, before you know it, mr. claus will be trying to squeeze his big ol’ tush down your chimney. i’ve always wondered…what about the houses that don’t have chimneys? either way…happy holidays!

xox. j

busted and ugly.

don’t get the wrong idea here. i’m not depressed or down on myself, although the holidays can unearth some pretty bizarre behavior in folks. i do, however, have 2 super fun things that i’m participating in that i want y’all to know about.

number 1.

this coming SATURDAY DECEMBER 10TH from 11am to 8pm i will be making an appearance and selling my goods at the BUST MAGAZINE HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR in NYC. if you are in new york city this weekend and are looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones, or lets get real here…yourself, you should stop by and check it out! of course you should also find me and say hi to me and maybe buy a scarf or a bag or some new stationary from me so i can creep 25 cents closer to my dream beach house.

number 2:

next SATURDAY DECEMBER 17TH from 7pm to 10pm i will be the guest judge at the 1st annual “CANCER IS UGLY! UGLY SWEATER PARTY 2011”. come on out and have some drinks and do your part to help benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society! for more information look at this pretty graphic below.

i hope to see you at either one or both of these fun holiday events! in the meantime, i will be making more stuff for the online shop, handmade holiday cards and yummy soups. more to follow!

xox. j