bags and scarves and stationary oh my.

hello folks. this past weekend was the artstar holiday craft bazaar and, although i think i am just today regrouping from exhaustion, i must say i had a great time and was able to chat with a whole lot of nice folks, both fellow artists and shoppers.

i also debuted some super fun new products which you can now purchase via my online shop HERE!

a few posts ago, i shared with you some behind the seams/scenes photos of a new bag i was working on. it’s now all assembled and up for adoption and even has a name. i call it the LIMA tote bag and it’s inspired by the colorful houses of lima, peru, although i should have named it after this amazing wall which is located deep in the heart of south philadelphia at the seafarers international union building. somehow i don’t think that “the seafarers international union building tote bag” has the same kind of ring to it. anywho, one day, when i build my dream home, i must have some kind of wall, somewhere, that looks like this. maybe in the bathroom or in the garden?

i have also added two other tote bags to the online shop called the BOGALA inspired by the graphite mines in the the town of bogala in sri lanka…

…and the OSAKA named after the city in japan.

be sure to check out the pocket on the osaka tote. its chickens…in french. maybe i should have named that one something french. i’m apparently failing at this bag naming thing. i won’t quit my day job. wait a minute…this IS my day job!

i have also added a boatload of new ZURICH scarves and now MINI ZURICH scarves in 7 fresh new colors for your neck warming pleasure. so cool…or rather, so warm!

many thanks to my buddy amber (daughnya) for her modeling skills! she did the photo shoot in return for payment of two taco bell chalupas. now, that’s what i’m talking about…cheap models who can chow down!

last but not least, i have added stationary and magnets to the mix. all of the images are from the jay mccarroll graphics library and feature artwork from my habitat line of fabrics or other super cute drawings i have done. including this little guy…

…isn’t he peary cute? check the rest of the gang out HERE!

whew…that’s a lot of new products…and just in time for the upcoming holiday season! ahem…black friday…wink wink…nudge nudge.

happy shopping!

xox, j

One thought on “bags and scarves and stationary oh my.

  1. Hay Jey,
    I LOVED your scarves from your runway collection for Project Runway Season 1. Will you be making them again? Please, sir. I want some more. Also, any sketches with brunettes, bitte?

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