heads up.

hello folks. i’ve got some super cute headbands new in the shop this week. they are all printed cotton headbands and several feature fabric from my “germania” and “habitat” fabric collections. they are called the “hachimaki” headband. the name hachimaki comes from a traditional japanese headband worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. i thought that would be an appropriate name for my loyal customers who have stuck by me all of these years! i think they would make the perfect holiday stocking stuffer! check ’em out HERE!

also, i wanted to let you in on some awesome news! no, it’s not a 24 hour tv show where i entertain you and your friends and family all day, every day. although, i wouldn’t be opposed to that.

it’s that my online shop is now new and improved! let me point out to you some of the exciting features….

WISH LIST: you can now create your very own wish list and share it with your friends and family so they will know exactly what sets your heart aflutter. simply create an account at http://www.jaymccarrollonline.com/shopjay

PRODUCT REVIEWS: you can now share with other customers how fantastically amazing you think my items are! 😉

GIFT CERTIFICATES: can’t decide what your aunt barb may like at jaymccarroll.com? let her decide! send your friends and family gift certificates so they can go shopping at http://www.jaymccarrollonline.com/shopjay

FACEBOOK & TWITTER: let your facebook and twitter pals know about the products you like or want or need to have. ahem…christmas is right around the corner…ahem.

PROMO CODES: the most exciting new feature of all! now i can offer all of my awesome fans a discount on the items you just have to have! simply use promo code JAY2011 to get 20% off of your order! this code is only good until November 13th so hurry up to take advantage of this amazing offer!

happy shopping!

ps: you can find the new and improved shopping cart HERE!

happy shopping…again!

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