what’s the best cure for a gut stuffed with a thanksgiving feast?

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starting thanksgiving morning…



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happy shopping!

xox, j


bags and scarves and stationary oh my.

hello folks. this past weekend was the artstar holiday craft bazaar and, although i think i am just today regrouping from exhaustion, i must say i had a great time and was able to chat with a whole lot of nice folks, both fellow artists and shoppers.

i also debuted some super fun new products which you can now purchase via my online shop HERE!

a few posts ago, i shared with you some behind the seams/scenes photos of a new bag i was working on. it’s now all assembled and up for adoption and even has a name. i call it the LIMA tote bag and it’s inspired by the colorful houses of lima, peru, although i should have named it after this amazing wall which is located deep in the heart of south philadelphia at the seafarers international union building. somehow i don’t think that “the seafarers international union building tote bag” has the same kind of ring to it. anywho, one day, when i build my dream home, i must have some kind of wall, somewhere, that looks like this. maybe in the bathroom or in the garden?

i have also added two other tote bags to the online shop called the BOGALA inspired by the graphite mines in the the town of bogala in sri lanka…

…and the OSAKA named after the city in japan.

be sure to check out the pocket on the osaka tote. its chickens…in french. maybe i should have named that one something french. i’m apparently failing at this bag naming thing. i won’t quit my day job. wait a minute…this IS my day job!

i have also added a boatload of new ZURICH scarves and now MINI ZURICH scarves in 7 fresh new colors for your neck warming pleasure. so cool…or rather, so warm!

many thanks to my buddy amber (daughnya) for her modeling skills! she did the photo shoot in return for payment of two taco bell chalupas. now, that’s what i’m talking about…cheap models who can chow down!

last but not least, i have added stationary and magnets to the mix. all of the images are from the jay mccarroll graphics library and feature artwork from my habitat line of fabrics or other super cute drawings i have done. including this little guy…

…isn’t he peary cute? check the rest of the gang out HERE!

whew…that’s a lot of new products…and just in time for the upcoming holiday season! ahem…black friday…wink wink…nudge nudge.

happy shopping!

xox, j

i need your vote.

hello folks. i really need your help and i need it in the next 46 minutes. i would like you to vote for an organization that really played a big part in shaping the creative individual i am today. please follow the link and VOTE. you will be helping to continue creativity, hard work and discipline in the youth of america. thanks so much!

xox, j

near, far and artstar.

hello there. contrary to what some other folks thought, i thought this autumn’s leaf display was pretty attractive. is it just me, or in past years or even decades, weren’t the leaves in their full beautacious peak around the middle of october? it seems they just hit their peak this past week and now the rain has come and knocked them all to the ground. this is probably why i have just now realized that thanksgiving is already next week! can you believe it? wasn’t i at the beach in new jersey basking in the sun with matt, kate and dalice like just yesterday?

i’m so excited for thanksgiving. although i don’t eat turkey, i do know how to tear up some stuffing and sweet potato casserole and my favorite of all pies…pecan pie. oh pecan pie…how i love thee!

so i have been a busy little beaver this past month. i spoke at the SUMMIT OF AWESOME in baltimore, which was a blast! i met a bunch of super dooper people doing really amazing things in the indie craft world. then i spent halloween in ft. lauderdale just barely avoiding that northeastern snowstorm. it rained for most of the weekend but at least it was 80 degrees and the sun did peak it’s little head out just before i left.

last week had me on a whirlwind trip back home to northeastern pennsylvania where i worked with the amazing team at EARL & SEDOR on my new headshots. we really had a blast and i look forward to going through the hundreds of photos that they took to find the perfect ones that really capture my inner sex kitten.

i also did a fun interview with my local TV station WBRE. you can check out the interview HERE.

this past weekend i was in new york city for a sewing weekend workshop with my buddy HEATHER ROSS. we had a heck of a lot of fun and the lovely ladies taking the workshop were really diligent and made some truly gorgeous things. you can read more about heather’s workshops HERE. yes, there is a workshop in palm springs. maybe one day i will make a guest appearance at that one. any excuse to go to palm springs is a good one. my favorite place to stay in palm springs is the ACE HOTEL which ironically is where i stayed this weekend in new york. the hotel was really hip (maybe a little too hip for my aging self) and the shower and bath products were freaking amazing! i could have spent all day in that shower. trust me when i tell you this.

i have also been cutting and sewing my little fingers to the bone for the past month in anticipation for this weekend. i am participating in the HOLIDAY ARTSTAR CRAFT BAZAAR. the festivities will begin this friday night November 18th with a VIP preview party from 6pm to 9pm and costs $25. i will also be there all day Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th from 11am to 6pm and that is FREE and open to the public. it will take place at the 23rd street armory located at 22 south 23rd street (on 23rd between market and chestnut) in beautiful philadelphia pennsylvania.

if you are looking for something super fun to do this weekend, please stop by and say hi (i will be located at booth #2) and get jump started on that christmas shopping you have been putting off. i will be debuting some new tote bags and scarves which i’m pretty excited about. i now present to you, for your viewing pleasure, some photos of what i’ve been working on. yes, ladies and gentleman, i am now working in the world of squares.

fear not my friends, if you aren’t able to attend the ARTSTAR festivities this weekend but still want to get your hands on some of these new items in time for black friday or cyber monday or the 12 days of christmas or christmas or whatever other holiday celebrates with gift giving, you can always go shopping on my online shop HERE. (the bags pictured above, along with several others, will be making their debut in person this weekend at ARTSTAR but will be available on the online shopping cart in the next week or so, so stay tuned)!

happy day!

xox. j

heads up.

hello folks. i’ve got some super cute headbands new in the shop this week. they are all printed cotton headbands and several feature fabric from my “germania” and “habitat” fabric collections. they are called the “hachimaki” headband. the name hachimaki comes from a traditional japanese headband worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. i thought that would be an appropriate name for my loyal customers who have stuck by me all of these years! i think they would make the perfect holiday stocking stuffer! check ’em out HERE!

also, i wanted to let you in on some awesome news! no, it’s not a 24 hour tv show where i entertain you and your friends and family all day, every day. although, i wouldn’t be opposed to that.

it’s that my online shop is now new and improved! let me point out to you some of the exciting features….

WISH LIST: you can now create your very own wish list and share it with your friends and family so they will know exactly what sets your heart aflutter. simply create an account at http://www.jaymccarrollonline.com/shopjay

PRODUCT REVIEWS: you can now share with other customers how fantastically amazing you think my items are! 😉

GIFT CERTIFICATES: can’t decide what your aunt barb may like at jaymccarroll.com? let her decide! send your friends and family gift certificates so they can go shopping at http://www.jaymccarrollonline.com/shopjay

FACEBOOK & TWITTER: let your facebook and twitter pals know about the products you like or want or need to have. ahem…christmas is right around the corner…ahem.

PROMO CODES: the most exciting new feature of all! now i can offer all of my awesome fans a discount on the items you just have to have! simply use promo code JAY2011 to get 20% off of your order! this code is only good until November 13th so hurry up to take advantage of this amazing offer!

happy shopping!

ps: you can find the new and improved shopping cart HERE!

happy shopping…again!