schnuggle up.

hello there folks.

i just put up some new lined infinity scarves in my online store. what’s an infinity scarf you ask? well, it means that they are cut in a full circular shape so there are no loose ends. it’s just a big ol’ circle shape you wrap around your neck twice, or 4 times if you are my dog Vern.

they are arriving just in time for this manic autumnal weather. jeez louise, mother nature, do you want to be warm and fuzzy or a total wet noodle? make up your mind already! they are called the “GENEVA” and are inspired by one of my favorite vacation spots that i have never been to. one day people…one day!

you can find them HERE and more specifically HERE.

they are super stylish and super schnuggley and perfect for year round since they are made out of medium weight knits. they are also lined, so i suppose that makes them reversible too! they have been brought to life by model kel taylor. thanks kel! stop by the shop and…well…shop!

xox. jay

3 thoughts on “schnuggle up.

  1. Hi Jay. You almost ran me over when you turned onto Locust from Broad St. tonight. You drive like a crazy person!

    • oh my god! i’m so sorry. i was stuck in the intersection with cars coming at me and trying to turn onto locust quickly and almost killed you. thankfully i didn’t. thanks for posting. xox

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