under a blog rock and ready to rock and roll.

in my defense, it hasn’t been quite a month since my last post. it’s not that i haven’t wanted to post. i really have, as i have been doing a bunch of exciting stuff but i really just haven’t been able to carve out the time for a proper post. so, please accept my apologies. i don’t know if you fellow bloggers out there feel this way, and maybe its because of the advent of quick fixing facebook and twitter, but i am just not satisfied with posting shits and giggles for the sake of posting “something”. i want a post with some meat to it. meat takes time to marinate. am i really now equating blogging to marinating meat? what is wrong with me? i do need to keep in mind that every post does not need to be a “gristly t-bone steak dinner with blood running all over the plate and a baked potato with butter, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits spilling out” kind of post. sometimes it can be a fish taco or a cup of vegetable barley soup post. did i forget to eat lunch or something?

* as a disclaimer, i am a pescetarian.

i feel like this is the first weekend in weeks and weeks that i haven’t been running around in some other state, not as in an altered state of mind, but an actual physical state, as in the united states of america. i have visited every state from maine to tennessee in the past month or so. it’s been exhausting yet terribly exciting and i literally have been living out of a bag that sits next to my bed. it’s all terribly glamourous.

in my travels i have been to the gorgeous state of maine where i laid in a hammock next to a lake and literally ate blueberries off a bush behind my head to new york fashion week for the project runway finale show to nashville tennessee this past weekend to host a fashion show with macy’s. vastly different settings and experiences with all sorts of characters and all super-duper fun.

i have also been getting my “bizz-nizz” on this month, so stay tuned to my website and online shop located at www.jaymccarroll.com for some great new products for the impending autumnal weather and holiday season. i’m talking a bunch of new scarves people!

in the spirit of barley soup, i’m going to try and keep it light and satisfying.

10 thoughts on “under a blog rock and ready to rock and roll.

  1. In reference to your most recent email about being a “Crafty” person, it seems my work computer censored it! You might want to resend the email just saying “Who’s Crafty?” to ensure more people are aware and will be able to vote for you in a timely manner. Cheers! JAZZinPHILLY

  2. Watching 11 minutes right now and love it that you have a blog. It’s freezing effing cold in so cal for sleeping tonight and those scarves look comfy to sleep in. Of course I’m a cliched spoiled californian saying THIS is cold. Ha! Just saying hi and thinking its groovy that you didn’t sell your ass out after your win
    But kept your standards. Glad for your success. Blogging is hard work! But keep blabbing.

  3. There is nothing finer that to see what other people experience as they travel. LOVED the pic of the dinosaur and the tables of rocks! lol When you travel, do you ever hit flea markets to see what treasures you can find? I know you travel mostly in the US, but come up here to Ontario and visit Vendors’ Flea Market-it’s a great place to find treasures and collectibles.:) Hope to see you soon!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with sewing, blogging, meeting deadlines, applying to and selling at art shows, marketing myself and all of that stuff that goes along with trying to create a successful crafty small business. Well, most of the time I feel overwhelmed with all of that stuff. Not to mention working at my full time job and sewing gifts for family and friends. But it is reassuring to know that other people feel this way too, it motivates me to keep going. Thanks!

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