who’s a crafty bastard?

well, i am, or at least i will be this weekend. i will be appearing and selling my goodies at the crafty bastards arts and crafts fair in adams morgan in washington dc this coming saturday october 1st from 10am to 5pm. i will be located at booth #116 which i think is near the food court, which is always a super duper bonus! you can check out more information about the show HERE.

i will be debuting some new items including brand new fashion illustrations and super cool, or warm rather, lined infinity scarves just in time for the arrival of some cooler weather as predicted by our meteorologist friends.

so, if you are in the washington dc area, come out and say hi and check out some truly amazing artisans from all across the country! if you aren’t in the dc area, don’t fret, i will be putting up the new items on my online shop which is located HERE sometime in the week or so following the show.

also, as a vendor of the show, i am eligible to named one of the craftiest bastards of 2011. you can vote for me by simply clicking on the following link and then clicking “VOTE”. once there, you can enter your email address on the right hand side to cast your vote.


voting is open until october 8th, so be sure to vote for your buddy. ehem…that’s me.

hope to see y’all this saturday at the fair!


under a blog rock and ready to rock and roll.

in my defense, it hasn’t been quite a month since my last post. it’s not that i haven’t wanted to post. i really have, as i have been doing a bunch of exciting stuff but i really just haven’t been able to carve out the time for a proper post. so, please accept my apologies. i don’t know if you fellow bloggers out there feel this way, and maybe its because of the advent of quick fixing facebook and twitter, but i am just not satisfied with posting shits and giggles for the sake of posting “something”. i want a post with some meat to it. meat takes time to marinate. am i really now equating blogging to marinating meat? what is wrong with me? i do need to keep in mind that every post does not need to be a “gristly t-bone steak dinner with blood running all over the plate and a baked potato with butter, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits spilling out” kind of post. sometimes it can be a fish taco or a cup of vegetable barley soup post. did i forget to eat lunch or something?

* as a disclaimer, i am a pescetarian.

i feel like this is the first weekend in weeks and weeks that i haven’t been running around in some other state, not as in an altered state of mind, but an actual physical state, as in the united states of america. i have visited every state from maine to tennessee in the past month or so. it’s been exhausting yet terribly exciting and i literally have been living out of a bag that sits next to my bed. it’s all terribly glamourous.

in my travels i have been to the gorgeous state of maine where i laid in a hammock next to a lake and literally ate blueberries off a bush behind my head to new york fashion week for the project runway finale show to nashville tennessee this past weekend to host a fashion show with macy’s. vastly different settings and experiences with all sorts of characters and all super-duper fun.

i have also been getting my “bizz-nizz” on this month, so stay tuned to my website and online shop located at www.jaymccarroll.com for some great new products for the impending autumnal weather and holiday season. i’m talking a bunch of new scarves people!

in the spirit of barley soup, i’m going to try and keep it light and satisfying.