and the winner is.

i would to thank everyone who entered the “impromptu alliance for american quilts quilters take manhattan weekend 2 free tickets to the person who stimulates me the most with their submission contest”. i have decided on a winner. drum roll please….and the winner is…DANIEL ROUSE from oakland california. congratulations to daniel on his submission of his gorgeous and inspiring HABITAT J quilt. it’s really freaking cool if i do say so myself. be sure to check out his blog which is chock full of amazing quilts and show him some love HERE.

8 thoughts on “and the winner is.

  1. Wow, beautiful quilt! Congrats, Dan. I’m glad to be introduced to your blog too – awesome work!

    Jay, I’m coming all the way from Seattle (okay, for work meetings the following week, but still – I’m flying out early just for this!), and can’t wait to hear your interview. Hope you have a great time with it!

  2. Loved your question about creativity at Victoria’s on Friday night.
    Love your line with Free Spirit – very modern & very fresh.

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