don’t you want me baby?

hey folks. i know you want more of me and now i can tell you how to get it. no, not like that. get your head out of the gutter.

my website is back up and running and i want to keep you informed of any new and interesting things going on in my world and any product updates. so….go to my website and sign up for my newsletter. the link is located under my big fat face on the website home page.


let me harass you.




mama, i’m comin’ home.

hello folks. i am coming back to “the valley” this weekend not for pleasure, but for business. i am doing a trunk show at my friend paul nardone’s new OUTRAGEOUS location in wilkes-barre. i will be selling my inventory of super cute apparel and accessories including skirts, dresses, tees, scarves and handbags. OUTRAGEOUS offers an extensive line of jewelry and accessories as well, so there will plenty of merchandise to peak your interest. come on out , say hi, check out the merch and if you are feeling adventurous, you can go next door and grab some delicious sushi at katana. yum yum! hope to see you there!

ps: if you can’t make it to the trunk sale this weekend, you can always check out a sampling of the merchandise at my online home at ¬†

and the winner is.

i would to thank everyone who entered the “impromptu alliance for american quilts quilters take manhattan weekend 2 free tickets to the person who stimulates me the most with their submission contest”. i have decided on a winner. drum roll please….and the winner is…DANIEL ROUSE from oakland california. congratulations to daniel on his submission of his gorgeous and inspiring HABITAT J quilt. it’s really freaking cool if i do say so myself. be sure to check out his blog which is chock full of amazing quilts and show him some love HERE.