let the games begin.

hello folks. as you may or may not know, i am participating in a wonderful event with the alliance for american quilts at FIT in new york city next saturday august 6th.


now here’s the fun part….for you! if you have been debating on whether or not you would like to attend, let this be the opportunity to change your mind. i have been informed that i can give away 2 tickets to a lucky fan. the tickets would grant you admission to both the quilter’s save our stories event that i am participating in and the cocktail reception at the city quilter, both in new york city. the day is sure to be super fun for any fabric and quilting enthusiast.

after some thought about how to pick a winner, i have decided to have a little fun with it. here is what i would like from you in order to enroll yourself in the contest and be eligible to win the 2 free tickets. if you are a true “me” fan, you will know about my new fabric line HABITAT. i thought, in honor of fabric design and quilting, we could do something with HABITAT in mind.

i would like you to present anything HABITAT to me. its all up to interpretation. be creative and have fun with it! a poem about HABITAT, a photo of a project you have done using HABITAT, a description of something you have made with HABITAT, reasons why you hate HABITAT(although i can’t guarantee you will win), whatever. ps: a good ass kissing never hurt either. :).

i will need to have any entries to me by monday august 1st at 12 noon. i know it’s a bit short notice, but it will help to get your creative juices a flowin’. you can post any written entries on this here blog or you can send any visual entries to contact@jaymccarrollonline.com.

oh, one last thing, although i would love for my california buddies to be able to attend the event, this will only be open to those who can get to the event on their own volition. i guess that means any of you, but not limited to, tri-staters.

good luck, have fun and i look forward to reading and seeing what you come up with!

xox, j.


4 thoughts on “let the games begin.

  1. Alas, I have no Habitat
    It is nowhere to be seen
    When I see others using it
    I turn positively green.

    I wish my quilt shop carried it
    They’re forcing me to drive
    Far, far from my sewing cave
    But for Habitat I will strive.

    It looks like I will cybershop
    Not easy for a fogie like me
    But the colors and patterns
    Are something that I must see.

    So Jay, I am begging you
    Please spread your fabric around
    There are fans for Habitat everywhere
    It just needs to be found.

    –Barbara Zeger

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