brooklyn bound.

don’t fret. i’m not moving there. been there, done that! i am happily staying put in philadelphia. but soon, as in tomorrow, i will be setting up shop at renegade craft fair in brooklyn. i’m so excited! i have been working on plenty of new stuff and even a new booth backdrop which i think is going to be really cool. what wasn’t cool about the backdrop however, was making it.

there i was yesterday, in my 3rd floor studio, no air conditioning and just a tiny little fan, in my underwear and a tank top (after you have read this, please erase that visual from your minds eye) sewing together 10 yards worth of strips of fabric. 100 degrees and a pile of fabric on my lap does not a happy jay make.

if you are a new yorker or a brooklynite or just love unique crafted goods and are in the tri state area, stop by and say hi! i will be located at BOOTH #78. heads up! the forecast is calling for rain…so come prepared with umbrellas and rain boots and a wallet overflowing with cash or credit cards. i am also accepting wooden nikels.

hope see you there at the fair!

9 thoughts on “brooklyn bound.

  1. Jay, Will you be at Crafty Bastards in DC this year? I live near DC and my sister would like to plan a visit around the craft show if you’ll be here. We hope so!

  2. Hey Jay ,
    first of all I just want say I’m big fan . My only hope is when you gonna start helping girls size 12 dress up and look beautiful.

  3. Hi Jay, hope your show was fabulous and successful. How amazing to see a link to my shop on your sidebar, wow, a sincere thank you! I’m wanting to get in touch with you to see if you’ll participate in a little idea I have in the works for the month of July on the Pink Chalk blog. Please e-mail me, it’s going to be fun! xo Kathy

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