busy beaver.

i am preparing for the renegade craft fair next weekend in brooklyn.

i have been doing tons of work in preparation for the big event! you guessed it…loads of circle cutting. i did get a circle cutter contraption since my last post, as suggested by a loyal reader. i was so darn excited about it, but it doesn’t cut through fabric and the fusible web i use to secure the circles. i do have another lead on a product that just may save the day, but for the time being, i am more than happy to just sit and cut circles and watch saved by the bell. i do love me some zach morris, lisa turtle and jessie spano!

i am unveiling some brand new skirts, dresses, scarves, ties and headbands which i think are so super fun! also making an appearance will be a rather large amount of my more seasoned stock and about a million screenprinted tee shirts which will be on deep discount!

if you are in the new york/brooklyn area next weekend…stop by and say hi! i will be located in booth #179. randomly, i now leave you with some shots of my pets (woody the cat and vern the dog) for they are the only creatures that can tolerate my “i’m doing work and it’s 90 degrees and i have a stinky armpit” lifestyle i’ve been living for the past few weeks.

8 thoughts on “busy beaver.

  1. The only 3 things I miss about South Philly is Jo-Mars, Robert from Wawa & Jay McCarroll. Call me, duh!

  2. Wish I could go.:( It’s a little far for me though, I’m in Ontario Canada. Your pets are too cute. My mother had a cat that looks very much like yours. His name was Michael and he was half dog. Really! Orange cats seem to have hilarious personalities. Your puppy dog looks great against that beautiful quilt. I’m home today sewing aprons and bags for a farmer’s market around here. We work alone yet are united in our tasks. Best of luck at the fair.

  3. Hi Jay! I adore everything you make! I just wish I could purchase your things through a website somehow. Hey – I would even help you if you free of charge if you lack the time or resources to do it. I’m certain I’m not the only one to have offered though..
    If I didn’t live in Portland, Oregon, I would come to your show.
    Love you!

  4. Jay, How is your website coming along? I’m very interested in the merchandise you discuss, but I am far away from New York. I desperately want to buy one of your scarves. The site says Feb 2011; do you have a new launch date? Do you still intend to have a website for selling your wares? Please let me know.

    • Frankly, website maintenance is a beast! It will be back up soon and better than ever! Thanks for checking in and stay tuned!!!

  5. Wow! I’ve been cutting circles (for a yo-yo quilt) and watching reruns of Project Runway! You are my all time favorite. Love you! P.S. If you ever need any help with the circles… Seriously, let me know. I’m just over the bridge in NJ!

  6. I love how the animals take it as a personal responsibility to “inspect” every quilt I am working on. I haven’t made one yet that hasn’t been slept in / walked over / sat on by my little dog. 🙂 Your little creatures are cute. 🙂

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