around and around and around it goes.

my brain is fried. mush. fried mush. like bad hash browns. i have been cutting and sewing circles for a million days now and i swear if i see one more circle i am going to cry. like a baby. i guess i could handle looking at some circular shapes. say a corn tortilla or a donut or the top of a bottle of a good cold beer or the sun. well, maybe not at the sun, unless i want to go blind. hmmm…if im blind, then i can’t see. if i can’t see, i can’t cut circles. however, if i can’t cut circles, i can’t pay my rent. if i can’t pay my rent, i have to sell drugs or prostitute. this is a really bad thought process. i will just cut the damn circles.

i have been cutting these circles for 3 new sets of tote bags made especially for the artstar craft bazaar this weekend. 65 bags. 13 circles per bag totaling over 800 circles. all hand cut and stitched by yours truly. i realize there are interns for this sort of work but i’m too much of a control freak to let anyone else attempt the task. trust me, its just easier if i do all the work as to not hurt anyones feelings. here is the warm colorway on a turquoise bag.
here is the cool colorway on a slate grey bag.
i also have been feverishly organizing my existing stock in preparation. tees, totes, scarves, skirts, hats, cuffs, vests, pillows and some super cute change purses my sister janet made using my new fabric line HABITAT.
here are the details:

WHAT: artstar craft bazaar (
WHERE: penn’s landing great plaza. on columbus boulevard between walnut and chestnut streets.
WHEN: saturday may 14th and sunday may 15th from 11am to 6pm.
WHY: because you love me and my stuff and you want me to be able to pay my rent so i don’t have to prostitute.
PS: the forecast is calling for rain so come prepared but don’t let it stop you from coming out and supporting your local hardworking artists and craftspeople!