spirit of competition.

hello there. my new line of fabric HABITAT is competing in an online modern fabric competition. who even knew there was such a thing. anywho, i would appreciate your vote. there are some things i would suggest in regards to the link i have provided. do you see it? the one down there. in big blue letters. yeah the one that says VOTE FOR ME HERE. yes. that one.

but before you click the link, follow these instructions…

1. no you are not too late in voting. ignore the ones proclaimed winners at the top of the post. they are last week weeks winners.
2. vote for HABITAT in the floral poll box. thats if you want to 😉
3. under the floral box, look at the links to the other competing lines. theres lots of nice stuff huh?
4. voting closes in 2 days, so get on it!
5. receive a kiss in the mail from me sometime this week.

thank you and enjoy your weekend!!!!


9 thoughts on “spirit of competition.

  1. You’re welcome! I have a project underway using Habitat and Mod Podge for home accents. Just need to get the right photo so I can post it. I’ll come back and leave you a comment when that happens. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. “It looks like the form “Fat Quarterly Modern Madness | Round 1, Region 4″ is turned off.

    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. ” Will try again later. Good luck!!

    • thanks for the heads up! the voting actually is only up for a day or so. i won my round, which is great news! i will now move on to the semi final round. i will keep you posted on here for when to vote agin. thank you for your intention to vote. 🙂

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